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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.18 (Hindenburg's will)
Title Reconstruction of the last will of Reich president F. M. von Hindenburg
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-10-24
Language English
Author Franz von Papen
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hindenburg; Hitler; Hohenzollern
Other Dates April 1934; May 1934
Abstract In a note prefaced to this document, von Papen states that Hindenburg's will was "drafted by me personally in April, 1934 and accepted by the Reich President in May, 1934. The wording [of the reconstruction] is not identical but the thoughts and desires of the Reich President are authentic." In von Papen's reconstruction, Hindenburg avers that "It would also violate sound policies of state to combine the offices of the head of the Reich and the head of the government in one person" and calls for Germany to return to a monarchial form of government under the House of Hohenzollern. This document is a typewritten original.
Keywords Reich Chancellor; Hindenburg's will; Monarchial government; Republican government; German politics; Nazi seizure of power