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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.15 (SEA, Thomas report)
Title Staff Evidence Analysis / Two drafts of General Thomas entitled 'Fundaments for a History of the German War and Armament Economy' / Office of U. S. Chief of Counsel for the Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Pages 32
Pages Supplemental First page is unnumbered; pages 5 and 11 are missing. All pages except 4, 10, and 16 are printed on both sides with tops and bottoms reversed.
Date 1945-10-29
Language English
Author "Analyst: Landmann" (page 32, bottom left)
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Wilhelm Keitel, Hermann Goering, Adolf Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht, Walter Warlimont, Walter Funk, Alfred Jodl, Carl Krauch, Wilhelm Zangen, Paul Koerner, Herbert Backe, Albert Speer, Wilhelm von Leeb, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Alfred Krupp, Hermann Roechling
Other Dates 24 November 1924; 1925; 26 January 1926; November 1928; March 1929; 1928-1933; March 1936; April 1936; 18 October 1936; 1937; 12 February 1938; 5 July 1938; 13 February 1939; July 1939; 24 August 1939; 25 August 1939; 26 August 1939; 4 September 1939; 30 July 1940; 4 Ortober 1940; 28 October 1940; 19 August 1939; 30 March 1940; 14 August 1940; 7 June 1940; 2 August 1940; July 1940; 27 Ortober 1940; 3 December 1940; November 1940; January 1941; 7 May 1941; 11 June 1941; 1 August 1942; 7 July 1942; November 1942; 1943
Abstract This Staff Evidence Analysis, designated document 2353-PS, is a lengthy and detailed summary of "Fundaments for a History of the German War and Armament Economy," by General Georg R. Thomas. The Analysis notes, "The appendices mentioned in the document are missing. Their procurement would supplement the value of the evidence substantially." The original German text of Thomas's report is listed as "Unknown" as of 29 October 1945. The Analysis provides a chapter-by-chapter summary of Thomas's text, citing specific page numbers as well as providing figures (presumably from the original) to assess Germany's economic profile before and during the war. This document is a typewritten copy of good to fair quality on browning paper.
Keywords Aggressive war; Preparation for war: War economy; German militarism; German industrialists; Reich Government Agencies; Forced Labor; Spoliation of Foreign Property; Foreign Penetration; Controlled Governments; Nazi publications; Wehrmacht; OKW; OKH; OKL; OKM; German General Staff; German Army; German Navy; German Air Force; German Military; German High Command.