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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.14 (extracts, Thomas diary)
Title Extracts from the Thomas diary, with titles as follows: Extract 1: The Influence of Central Organization on Development and Activities of the War Economy Organization; Extract 2: War and Armament Economic Measures from Entry into Austria (1938 till Mobilization 1939); Extract 3: untitled, identified as Page 136; Extract 4: untitled, identified as Page 142-143; Extract 5: untitled, identified as Page 146; Extract 6: Execution of the Economic Mobilization
Pages 7
Pages Supplemental With breakdown as follows: Extract 1: 2 paragraphs; Extract 2: 1 paragraph; Extract 3: 1 paragraph; Extract 4: 1 paragraph; Extract 5:1 paragraph with indented lists; Extract 6: 2 pages, 7 paragraphs.
Date Not dated
Language English
Author Georg R. Thomas
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hindenburg; Keitel
Other Dates February 12, 1938; March 13, 1939; March 30, 1939; August 21,1939; August 24, 1939; August 25,1939; August 26, 1939
Abstract These extracts pertain to various facets of the German war economy in both its planning and its mobilization. A typewritten note card taped to the first extract identifies these pages as "copies of the excerpts from the Thomas diary," but the "Staff Evidence Analysis" of Volume II, section 6.15 (see following section) indicates that the source is General Thomas's voluminous "Fundaments for a History of the German War and Armament Economy"; see pp. 10 and 12 of section 6.15. The extracts are identified as "copies" but do appear to be original typewritten documents.
Keywords Action Otto; Sudetenland; War economy; Economic Mobilization; Total war; Preparations for war; Aggressive war; Armaments