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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.12 (Thomas interrogation, 9 Nov.'45)
Title Interrogation of General Georg R. Thomas by Captain Nordon at Reservelazarett Falkenhaus i. Taunus
Pages 4
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-09
Language English; the translator is Miss Knuth.
Author Georg R. Thomas
Witness Georg R. Thomas
Other Names Hitler; Diehls; Schacht; Falkenhausen; Blomberg; Keitel; Jodl; Brauchitsch; Haider; Warlimont; Goering; Goebbels; Himmler; Ribbentrop; Frick; Popitz; Hindenburg; Reinicke; Rommel; Mannstein; Canaris; Dohnaye
Other Dates 20 February 1890; 1908; 1910; 1922; 1923; 1924-1927; 1928-1934; 30 June 1934; 31 January 1942; 1 February 1942-10 October 1944; 17 February 1945; 9 April 1945; February 1938; 20 July 1944
Abstract In this interrogation, the text of which consists of the witness's answers to the interrogation officer's unrecorded questions, Georg R. Thomas briefly recapitulates his service career in the German government and the German Army, and supplies succinct summaries (and in most cases, judgments) of selected Nazis and German military figures. Thomas indicates his own role in preparing Germany for armed conflict, as commensurate with his duties as Chief of the War Economics and Armaments Institute, as well as his early and continuous involvement in an opposition group against Hitler. This English translation by Miss Knuth appears to be an original typewritten document.
Keywords Gestapo; Flossenburg; Dachau; Fritzsch affair; Nuremberg laws; War Economy; Preparations for war; Aggressive war; Opposition to Hitler; German resistance; German Army; Persecution of Jews