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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.01 (Kellerman calendar)
Title Calendar of German History 1918-1944: With Special Reference to the National Socialist Party and the Principal Defendants Indicted by the International Military Tribunal
Pages 28
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-14
Language English
Author Dr. Kellerman
Witness Dr. Kellerman
Other Names General Donovan; President Wilson; Harrer; Hitler; Drexler; Karl Liebknecht; Rosa Luxemburg; Ebert; Kurt Eisner; Dietrich Eckart; Rosenberg; Goering; Kriebel; Roehm; Schacht; Hindenburg; Goebbels; Himmler; Bormann; Stresemann; Papen; Frick; Keitel; Brauchitsch; Ribbentrop; Mussolini
Other Dates 1918-1944
Abstract In a 1-page letter to General Donovan that precedes the "Calendar of Events," Dr. Kellerman describes the compilation as "containing the most important dates in the German history and the history of the Nazi Party from 1918 through 1944. The list is not complete, but I believe that we caught the most significant events." In fact, the Calendar is quite detailed; it includes the major events pertaining to German history between the Proclamation of President Wilson's 14 Points on 8 January 1918 and the Allied landings in Normandy on 6 June 1944, as well as many relatively minor events of this period. Kellerman's letter and Calendar are both typewritten originals.
Keywords German History; Nazi Party; Hitler putsch; Mein Kampf; NSDAP; Persecution of Jews; Pogrom; Reichstag fire; SA; SS; Anti-Comintern Pact; Axis; Occupation; Three Power Pact