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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 001
Subdivision "Official Transcript of the International Military Tribunal"
Part 2
Section 5.08
Title The United States of America, the French Republic, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against Herman Wilhelm Goering, et al, Defendants, sitting at Nurnberg, Germany, on 26 November 1945, 1000-1230 [and 1400-1630], Lord Justice Lawrence, presiding.
Pages 72
Pages Supplemental This document begins with page number 325 and continues to page 396.
Date 1936-11-26
Language English
Author Not applicable
Witness None
Other Names Dr. Sauter; Ribbentrop; Margerita Blank; Ambassador Gaus; Ambassador von Rintelen; von Sonnleitner; Fritz Berber; Hanke; Dr. Stahmer; Dr. Dix; Alderman; Colonel Storey; Sir Sidney Shallcross; Hitler; von Blomberg; Schacht; Raeder; von Neurath; Goering; Frick; von Fritsch; Keitel; Jodl; Schmundt; Hoszbach; Brauchitsch; Milch; Halder; Bodenschatz; Schniewindt; Jeschonnek; Warlimont; Engel; Albrecht; Below; Matsuoka
Other Dates 21 May 1935; 24 June 1935; 1 July 1935; 3 September 1935; 5 November 1937; 10 November 1937; 21 April 1938; 22 April 1938; 23 May 1939; 22 August 1939; 23 November 1939; 18 December 1940; 4 April 1941; 2 May 1941; 15 May 1941; 22 June 1941; 7 December 1941; 11 November 1945
Abstract These transcripts recount the resumption of the prosecution's case against the Nazi defendants on the charges of conspiracy to prepare for and wage aggressive war (see preceding document, section 5.07 of The Donovan Papers, Volume I, Part 2). This part of the presentation offers a "handful of selected documents ... to prove the deliberate planning, the deliberate premeditation with which each of these aggressions was carried out" (p.396). The transcript includes long quotations from captured Nazi documents, such as speeches, conference statements, and directives of Adolf Hitler concerning the necessity and timing of German attacks on Poland, the U.S.S.R, and other nations, as well as the inevitability of armed conflict between Japan and America. This document is a copy; at least two different typewriters were used to make it. Page 325-330 and page 347 are very brown and brittle; the other pages show varying degrees of deterioration.
Keywords Aggressive war; Living space (Lebensraum); Autarchy; British Empire; Colonies; Roman Empire; Attack on Poland; "Case Green"; "Case Barbarossa"; Pearl Harbor