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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 001
Subdivision "Official Transcript of the International Military Tribunal"
Part 2
Section 5.07
Title The United States of America, the French Republic, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against Herman Wilhelm Goering, et al, Defendants, sitting at Nurnberg, Germany, on 23 November 1945, 1000-1230 [and 1400-1630], Lord Justice Lawrence, presiding.
Pages 76
Pages Supplemental This document begins with page number 250 and continues to page 324 (two copies of page 274 are present).
Date 1945-11-23
Language English
Author Not applicable
Witness None
Other Names Dr. Otto Nelte; Dr. Rudolf Dix; Dr. Seidl; Dr. Servatuis; Dr. Siemers; Colonel Robert G. Storey; Major Wallis; Major William H. Coogan; James H. Johnston; Sidney S. Alderman; Goering; Keitel; Ribbentrop; Rosenberg; Frank; Frick; Streicher; Funk; Schacht; Doenitz; Raeder; von Schirach; Jodl; Seyss-Inquart; Speer; von Neurath; Fritsche; Bormann; Hitler; Goebbels; David Zablodowsky; Bill Weigel; Thomas J. Dodd; George [sic: Georg] Thomas; von Blomberg; Gustav Krupp; Alfried Krupp; Albert Vogler; George von Schnitzler
Other Dates 20 February 1933; 22 February 1933; March 5, 1933; April 4, 1933; May 22, 1933; 22 June 1933; 7 February 1934; 30 September 1934; 3 May 1935; May 21, 1935; May 31, 1935; June 24, 1935; 26 June 1935; 12 October 1935; 21 August 1936; 31 August 1936; 4 September 1936; 9 September 1936; 18 October 1936; 30 December 1936; April 1, 1937; 8 July 1937; 12 October 1937; 14 October 1937; November 1, 1937; 4 February 1938; 20 February 1938; April 1, 1938; October 14, 1938; 7 January 1939; January 21, 1939; 28 February 1939; 24 May 1939; August 25, 1939; 28 August 1939; 30 August, 1939; 8 May 1945; 1 November 1945
Abstract These transcripts record the beginning of the prosecution's case against the Nazi defendants on the charges of conspiracy to seize totalitarian control of Germany and prepare the nation for aggressive war. A large part of the two court sessions reflected in these transcripts is taken up with prosecution counsel's recitation of evidence pertaining to the latter charge, that is, the Nazi state's economic preparations to wage aggressive war. This document is a typewritten copy made on paper of uneven quality. Pages 262-267 are very brown and brittle; many other pages show significant browning. At least three different typewriters were used to make this copy.
Keywords Reich Defense Council; Document books; German youth; Education; Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth); Nazi Party; Master race doctrine; Anti-Semitism; Nazi ideology; Propaganda; Aggressive war; SA; SS: NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps); NSFK (National Socialist Aviation Corps); RAD (Reich Labor Service); OT (Todt Organization); Treaty of Versailles; War Economy; "mefo" bills