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Nuremberg trial transcripts and documents from the Collection of General William J. Donovan

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Volume 001
Subdivision "Official Transcript of the International Military Tribunal"
Part 2
Section 5.06
Title The United States of America, the French Republic, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against Herman Wilhelm Goering, et al, Defendants, sitting at Nurnberg, Germany, on 22 November 1945,1000-1230 [and 1400-1700], Lord Justice Lawrence, presiding.
Pages 71
Pages Supplemental The pages in this section are numbered in two blocks, 1-33 and 1-38; the latter block is the transcript of the afternoon session (see bracketed time in "Title" data entry, above).
Date 1945-11-22
Language English
Author Not applicable
Witness None
Other Names Julius Streicher; Bormann; Ley; Franz Xaver Schwarz; Hess; Hans Frank; von Schirach; Frick; Speer; von Neurath; Goebbels; Raeder; Schacht; Himmler; Keitel; Hitler; von Papen; Seyss-Inquart; Ribbentrop; Funk; Sauckel; Kaltenbrunner; Fritzsche; Jodl; Hindenburg; Roehm; Schleicher; Gregor Strasser; Colonel Storey; Rosenberg; Justice Jackson; Major William H. Coogan; Mr. Albrecht; Major Frank Wallace [sic:Wallis]; Dr. Rudolf Dix; Dr. Kempner; Raymond Geist; Dr. Stuckart
Other Dates 5 January 1919; 12 September 1919; 24 February 1920; 4 March 1920; 29 July 1921; 9 November 1923; 14 September 1930; 3 December 1932; 30 January 1933; 28 February 1933; 5-13 March 1933; 14 March 1933; 20-24 March 1933; 1 April 1933; 4 April 1933; 7 April 1933; 26 May 1933; 22 June 1933; 7 July 1933; 14 July 1933; 24 July, 1933; 1 December 1933; 31 January 1934; 30 June 1934; 1 and 2 July, 1934; 25 July 1934; 1 August 1934; 15 September 1935; 30 January 1937; 4 February 1938; 12 November 1938; January 30, 1939; 30 January 1941; 7 June 1941; June 20, 1944; 20 July 1945; 19 November 1945
Abstract The two court sessions of 22 November 1945 transcribed in this document were devoted to preparing the groundwork for the case against the major Nazi defendants for engaging in a conspiracy that involved crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes against the peace. As such, these transcripts address the hierarchical structure of the Nazi Party and the nature and scope of its activities within Germany prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, including its seizure and consolidation of power, its destruction of German labor unions, persecution of Christian churches and clergy, and its murderous persecution of Jews. This document is a typewritten copy. Pages 4-15 of the morning session are fragile and browning. The balance of the first 33 pages is in generally good condition. Of the afternoon session, pages 1-4, 7-10, 17-19, and 22-38 are in generally good condition; pages 5-6, 11-16, and 20-21 are fragile and browning.
Keywords Document centers; Document Room; Nurnberg; International Military Tribunal; Nazi Party; NSDAP; SS; SA; Hoheitstrager; Gauleiter; Kreisleiter; Zellenleiter; Blockleiter; Fuehrer; HJ (Hitler Youth); NSKK (Motor Corp of the Party); Reich Defense Council; Reich Cabinet; Reichsreigierung; "Fuehrerprinzip"; Treaty of Versailles; Mein Kampf; Common Plan of Conspiracy; Master race doctrine; Glorification of war; Hitler Putsch; Concentration camps; Labor unions; Christian churches; Persecution of Jews; Nurnberg laws