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Volume 004
Subdivision Subdivision 8 / Hitler
Part Not applicable
Section 8.07
Title [Extracts from Hitler's speech] / Translation of Document L-3 / Office of U.S. Chief of Counsel.
Pages 1
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-11-18
Language English
Author The translator is Charles E. Bidwell, S/Sgt., 13146954.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Goering; Ribbentrop; Chamberlain
Other Dates None
Abstract This document is unidentified as to time and place but its contents are of a piece with documents 8.05 and 8.06. Hitler reiterates the need for immediate action against Poland and his resolve to press his advantages vis-a-vis Western Europe. The chief feature of this document is its descriptiveness: Hitler remarks, "I have only one fear and that is that Chamberlain or such another dirty swine comes to me with propositions or a change of mind. He will be thrown downstairs. And even if I must personally kick him in the belly before the eyes of all the photographers." The reaction to the speech was similarly demonstrative: "Goering jumped on the table. Bloodthirsty thanks and bloody promises. He danced around like a savage." This document is a typewritten copy on fragile paper.
Keywords Japan; Poland; Hitler speeches; Preparations to wage aggressive war