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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.16 (Thomas, German manuscript)
Title Uber die Schuldfrage
Pages 106
Pages Supplemental Handwritten in pencil with various interleafed pages, i.e., 9a, 19a [3pp.], 26a, 35a, 48a [1.5pp.], etc.
Date 1945-11-12
Language German
Author Georg R. Thomas
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Hitler; Beck; Witzleben; Olbricht; Oster; Stuelpnagel; Fellgiebel; Keitel; Canaris (Dohnanyi) ; Popitz; Schacht; Goerdeler; Ambassador von Hassel; Goering; Stresemann; von Hammerstein; von Schleicher; Hindenburg; Blomberg; Reichanau; Milch; Halder; von Boeckelberg; Jodl; Guderian; Warlimont; Reinicke; Schmundt; von Fritsch; Reusch; Ribbentrop; Chiang Kai-Check; von Brauchitsch; Himmler; Plank, Wittke, Todt; Speer; Funk; Rader; von Hanneken; Koerner; Neumann; Rosenberg; Sauckel; Roechling; Sano; Krauch; Burgdorff; Maisal, Scherff; Stengel; Bodenschatz; Kluge; Rundtstedt, Leeb; Bock; List; von Lodenstern; von Greiffenberg; von Manstein; Reinhardt; Stauffenberg; Tschoerner; Model; Richthofen; Greim; Kesselring
Other Dates July 20, 1944; 1934; 30 June 1934; May-June 1933; 1935-1937; 1918; 8 November 1938; March 1939; 1 September 1939; 30 November 1939; November 26, 1939; November 27, 1939; December 10, 1939; January 1940; November 1940; October 1942; November 1942; Jaunary 31, 1943
Abstract This manuscript appears to be General Thomas's original draft of the typewritten document it accompanies in section 6.16, Volume II, of The Donovan Archive (see previous document 6.16). Although the handwriting appears reasonably legible, one would likely have to possess a high level of fluency in German to read it. Written in at least two different kinds of pencil on a least three different kinds of paper, Thomas's manuscript is fragile throughout and very brittle from page 61a to the end. Given its nature and physical appearance, as well as the technological constraints of 1945, this document is probably unique.
Keywords Versailles Treaty; Bolshevism; Bolshevist; Seizure of power; Persecution of Jews; Jewish Question; Nuremberg Laws; Blomberg Affair; Fritsch Affair; Gestapo; Invasion of Austria; Beck-Witzleben opposition group; Invasion of Czechoslovakia; Invasion of Poland; Armistice with France; Invasion of England; Opposition to Hitler; German resistance; Complicity with Hitler; Nazi sympathizers; German industrialists; German labor leaders; German Armed Forces; German people; War against Russia; Occupied territories; Four Year Plan; Foreign laborers; United States; Armament; Nazification; Corruption; Manuscripts