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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.11 (Werner Best statement)
Pages 5
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-08-05
Language English; the translator's name is not given.
Author Dr. Werner Best
Witness Dr. Werner Best
Other Names Prof. Dr. Burckhardt; Dr. Karl Mierendorf; Goebbels; Hitler; von Stauffenberg
Other Dates 4 August 1945; 1933 to 1939; 1940 to 1945; March 1933; 1 May 1933; 5 May 1933; 9 November 1938; 20 July 1944
Abstract In this statement, Werner Best attempts to explain, "why the measures taken by the National Socialist State Control in regard to the treatment of prisoners in the concentration camps and the treatment of the Jews did not induce [him] to 'desertion.'" Although he distinguishes between 1933-1939 and 1940-1945, Best neither addresses the nature of the concentration camps during the latter period nor comments on the Nazi state's treatment of the Jews after 9 November 1938. One might fairly summarize Best's posture as that of the dutiful German loyally serving the Fatherland by following orders, and accurately characterize his statement as an evasive apologia for unacknowledged atrocities. This document is a typewritten original.
Keywords Concentration camps; Persecution of Jews; Versailles Treaty; Nazi State; Osthofen; Dachau; Sachsenhausen; Buchenwald; The Jewish Question; Palestine; Communism; German race; German people