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Volume 002
Subdivision German Activities / Subdivision 6 / History Generally
Part Not applicable
Section 6.05 (von Raumer interrogation 5815)
Title Report of Interrogation: No. 5815 of P/W: von Raumer, Hermann / Rank: Lt. Col. / SECRET
Pages 3
Pages Supplemental None
Date 1945-10-11
Language English
Author Halle, Captain (interrogation officer)
Witness Hermann von Raumer
Other Names Von Gronau; Hitler; Goering; Col. Schmid; Oshima
Other Dates 9 July 1945; 1941
Abstract This document is a summary of an interrogation on the stated subject of "Collaboration with the Japanese Attaches." The interrogation explores the difficulties of "information sharing" between German military agencies and foreign attachés, as well as the internal organization of the German Air Force attaché group. The latter half of the document provides some details about the kind and extent of the information exchanged between the German and the Japanese air forces. The typewritten original of this document appears as section 14.10 in Volume VIII, Subdivision 14 / Conduct of Warfare Generally. The present document is a typewritten carbon copy of excellent quality on thin paper in good condition.
Keywords German foreign affairs; German Air Force attaché group; German attachés; Japanese attachés; Anti-Comintern Pact; German air force; Japanese air force