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Volume 009
Subdivision Subdivision 16 / Prisoners of War and Concentration Camps
Part Not applicable
Section 16.03 (movie)
Title Nazi Concentration Camps / A Documentary Motion Picture / Document No. 2430-PS / Submitted on behalf of U.S. Chief of Counsel
Pages 19
Pages Supplemental Including an unnumbered title page and six pages of certifications and affidavits.
Date 1945-01-01
Language English
Author James B. Donovan, Commander, USNR
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Robert H. Jackson; Eisenhower; George C. Stevens; E. R. Kellogg; Eric T. Tebow; Omar N. Bradley; George S. Patton; Colonel Hiden Sears; Calvin A. Behle; John Ford; John G. W. Finke; Herman Bolker; Dr. Waldman; Karl Wille; Jack Taylor; Kramer
Other Dates 6 September 1941; 1 March 1945; 15 March 1945; 8 May 1945; 27 August 1945; 2 October 1945; 21 November 1945; 23 November 1945; 24 November 1945
Abstract This document consists of a series of affidavits, given by the persons responsible for the creation of the motion picture, "Nazi Concentration Camps," attesting to representational veracity of that film; and the complete text of the film's narration, which describes the appalling atrocities committed in the camps as well as their unprecedented scope. The text includes an interview with Jack Taylor, lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, who survived internment in the Mauthausen camp (pp.7-8). This document is a typewritten copy of poor to good quality on extremely brown, brittle paper.
Keywords Concentration camps; Leipsig; Penig; Ohrdruf; Hadamar; Breendonck; Hannover; Arnstadt; Nordhausen; Mauthausen; Buchenwald; Dachau; Bergen-Belsen; Gas chambers; Atrocities; Mass murder; Torture; Medical experiments; War crimes; Crimes against humanity; Photographic evidence; Documentary films; Atrocity films; U.S. Army Signal Corps; Infectious disease; Political prisoners; Morphine injections; Extermination camps