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Volume 007
Subdivision Subdivision 13 / Preparation for Aggressive Warfare
Part 1
Section 13.07 (Master Plan R & A)
Title Nazi Plans for Dominating Germany and Europe: 'The Master Plan' Vol. I.
Pages 135
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title (1p.), unnumbered; Index (1p.), unnumbered; "Outline of R & A No. 3114" (1p.), unnumbered; Table of Contents (1p.), unnumbered; text of "Outline" (29pp.), 1-29; " R & A No. 3114 / 'Nazi Plans for Dominating Europe..."
Date 1945-06-12
Language English, with some parenthetical and/or underlined German.
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names For "Outline": Hitler; Lossow; Kahr; Seisser; Wilhelm Frick; Robert Ley; Franz von Papen; Alfred Rosenberg; Hermann Goering; Carl Diels; Josef Goebbels; Franco; Ernst Wilhelm Bohle; Werner Best; Heinrich Himmler; Martin Bormann; Speer. Additional names for "Draft": Anton Drexler; von Blomberg; Hermann Esser; Dietrich Eckart; Rudolf Hess; Max Amann; Gottfried Feder; Ribbentrop; Ludendorff; Fritz Thyssen; Geheimrat Kirdorf; Heinz Haake; Albert Roth; Pfeffer von Salomon; Curt von Ulrich; Terboven; Manfred von Killinger; Wilhelm Weiss; Otto Dietrich; Wilhelm Keitel; von Neurath; von Fritsch; von Raeder; General Sperrle; Karl Frank; Alfred Naujocks; Reinhardt Heydrich; Schacht; Werner Daitz; Hans Frank; Franz Alfred Six.
Other Dates For "Outline": 3 August 1921; 20 April 1923; 26 February 1924; 6 March 1927; 9 April 1927; 1 May 1928; 2 May 1928; 23 May 1928; 22 September 1928; 15 March 1929; 26 September 1930; 23 January 1932; 27 January 1932; 22 August 1932; 28 February 1933; 3 March 1933; 2 May 1933; 26 May 1933; 23 June 1933; 14 July 1933; 13 November 1933; 24 November 1933; 10 February 1934; 27 June 1937; 7 April 1938; 26 September 1938; 30 January 1939; 24 February 1939; 6 June 1939; 9 June 1939; 26 August 1940; 30 January 1941; 15 August 1941. Additional dates for "Draft": January 1919; 24 February 1920; 1 August 1921; 27 January 1923; 1 April 1924; 22 May 1926; 18 February 1929; 7 October 1929; 10 November 1929; 30 January 1933; 9 May 1933; 15 September 1933; 4 October 1933; 30 November 1933; 1 December 1933; 24 May 1934; 1 August 1934; 16 January 1935; 16 March 1935; 24 July 1935; 24 January 1936; 10 February 1936; 18 April 1936; 1 December 1936; 5 November 1937; 7 November 1938; 30 January 1939; 1 March 1939; 15 March 1939; 25 March 1939; 30 May 1939; 14 June 1939; 10 August 1939; 1 September 1939; 6 May 1940; 14 July 1940; 20 July 1940; 1 August 1940; 23 October 1940; 4 March 1941; 29 April 1941; 21 December 1941; 30 January 1944.
Abstract This section subsumes two documents, "Outline of R & A No. 3114, 'Nazi Plans to Dominate Europe,'" and its revision, " R & A No. 3114, 'Nazi Plans for Dominating Germany and Europe'/ Draft for the War Crimes Staff." The latter text ("Draft") contains all of the important information of its precursor ("Outline"), with the exception of an account of the "Potempa" murder and Hitler's solidarity with the perpetrators; see "Outline," pp. 6-7. As one would expect, the later text offers information, documentation, and significant details not present in the earlier; the latter text is also better organized. It is evident, however, that both texts have been written in an attempt "to demonstrate the existence of a comprehensive Nazi plan for aggression, conquest, and domination in Europe and even beyond Europe" ("Draft," p.1). In pursuit of this end, both texts document Nazi intentions and activities by quoting from speeches, proclamations, and various writings of Nazi leaders; these quotations have been lifted from many sources (see Keywords, below). The account is not, however, strictly narrative nor simply chronological; the chief organizing principle of both texts is topical. For instance, "The Leadership Principle"; "The Industrialists"; "Eradication of the Opposition"; "Intervention in Foreign Countries"; "The Concept of Lebensraum and Grossraumordnung" are just a handful of the topics distinguished by the Table of Contents of "Draft." Each topic is addressed, generally on a level of moderate detail, within the section devoted to it. Within these sections the account tends to be narrative, with quotations from authoritative sources, as noted above. In some instances the level of detail is quite high, as in Alfred Naujocks's account of spurious "frontier incidents" contrived by the Nazis as a pretext for the invasion of Poland ("Draft," pp.73-74; this account does not appear in "Outline"). In other discrete sections, "Draft" provides useful accounts of the following: the origin and development of NSDAP prior to the Nazi seizure of power; the support the Nazi Party, and Hitler personally, garnered from German industrialists and the benefits the latter received in turn; Nazi propaganda and control of the press; German military interventions in Austria and Czechoslovakia; Nazi intervention in the Spanish Civil War; Nazi elimination of political, religious, and ideological opposition; Nazi extermination of the Jews; Nazi conceptions of Lebensraum and Grossraumordnung. "Outline" is a typewritten copy on very brown, fragile paper; each page is marked "SECRET." "Draft" is a typewritten copy of uneven quality on generally stable, slightly brittle paper; it, too, is marked "SECRET." "Draft" also contains three pages handwritten in pencil on very brown, fragile paper. The first handwritten page appears between pages 36 and 37, the other two between pages 68 and 69. The handwriting on these pages is not easily read and has not been confidently identified. Despite its 95 typewritten pages, "Draft" breaks off abruptly in a subsection on "Economic Exploitation," which seems incomplete; the subject receives its full exposition in " R & A 3114.6, "Nazi Plans for Dominating Germany and Europe / Nazi Spoliation of Property in Occupied Europe," which is bound in volume XCI of the Donovan Archive. Volume XCI contains the substantial second part (identified as "Vol. II") of "Nazi Plans for Dominating Germany and Europe: 'The Master Plan'"; sectioned as 13.07, it constitutes the entirety of that volume (see index entry for volume XCI).
Keywords For "Outline": Preparations to wage aggressive war; Versailles Treaty; "Mein Kampf"; Free Corps; Freikorps; Nazi domestic policy; Political parties; Trade unions; SA; Potempa murder; Nazi foreign policy; Lebensraum; Grossraumordnung; SS; Gestapo; Concentration camps; Extermination of Communists; Imprisonment of clergymen; Nazi anti-Semitism; Extermination of the Jews; Persecution of Jews; Rearmament; Spanish Civil War; Auslandsorganization; Nazi Fifth Column; Economic penetration; Nazification of Germany industry; Arbeitsbereiche (Activity Spheres); Economic exploitation; "My New Order" (Hitler); "Voelkischer Beobachter"; "Hitler's Speeches" (ed. Baynes); "Die SA" (Ernst Bayer); "Hitler's Words" (ed. Gordon W. Prange); Spain; Austria; Czechoslovakia. Additional key words for "Draft": NSDAP; Totalitarian control; Leadership principle; "I Paid Hitler" (Fritz Thyssen); "Der Angriff" (Goebbels); "Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch"; Condor Legion; Polish border incidents; Military intervention; Political infiltration; Nazi occupation policy.