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Volume 006
Subdivision Subdivision 12 / Legal Changes in Germany
Part Not applicable
Section 12.04 (R & A 3092, Nazi inheritance law)
Title R & A No. 3092: Nazi Changes in the Field of Family and Inheritance Law / Office of Strategic Services / Research and Analysis Branch / CONFIDENTIAL
Pages 41
Pages Supplemental With the following breakdown: Title (1p.), unnumbered; Table of Contents (1p.), unnumbered; text of report proper (39pp.), 1-39.
Date 1945-07-16
Language English, with some parenthetical and/or underlined German.
Author The author's name is not given.
Witness Not applicable
Other Names Not applicable
Other Dates 14 July 1933; 23 November 1933; 29 November 1933; 15 September 1935; 18 October 1935; 15 November 1937; 6 July 1938; 31 July 1938;
Abstract The title page of this R & A report bears the following description: "This paper examines the pre-Nazi laws regarding marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, etc., and then presents the changes made in these laws under the National Socialist regime." The document is a typewritten copy of good legibility on good paper. The text of the report proper is printed on both sides of each page, and each page is marked "CONFIDENTIAL."
Keywords Family law; Betrothal; Marriage; Divorce; Adoption; Inheritance; German blood; Dowry; Jews; Farm inheritance