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About the Project


Why did the interface and system change?

The reason we upgraded our platform for Making of America is that over the course of the years that we have been hosting the Making of America collection, we have received many corrections to the metadata and to the page images for the journals, books and civil war records. With the original system, it was difficult to incorporate these updates and changes, because adding these fixes would require the system being down for several days as the collection was re-indexed. Also, the software that MOA used was no longer supported. It was created by the University of Michigan back in 1999. This problem was corrected by going to the latest version of this software from the same developers in the University of Michigan. This software is now called DLXS (we now using version 13). This new software allows us to re-index without taking the entire Making of America offline, and gives us additional functionality as well. The look and feel were updated to meet current usability guidelines within the parameters of the new DLXS software. We tried to keep the same basic format of the old system with searches and browses while adding some needed enhancements.

How do I print images?

There are three ways to print a page image:

  • The best way to print a page image is to click on the Format drop down menuwhich appears on the top left of the pageview menu bar. Select "pdf". A PDF version will appear. Click on the Print icon that appears on web page.
  • Clicking the print icon on the pageview page will generate a print of the page you are displaying. In this case, it is best to have the page in its smallest presentation (click the "-" button until the page stops shrinking), then click the print icon on the web page, the image should appear on one 8" by 11" page of printer paper.
  • Or, you can do a "save as" of the image onto your PC and use your PC's local image software to print the image.

Also, we do provide high grade versions of the images from our collection on request (see permissions page for more details).

How do I limit searching by date range?

Due to the size of the index, it is not possible to search across the entire MOA and limit your searching by date. However, the following subsets are available:

* PLEASE NOTE: The MOA journals can all be searched individually as we ll. Click on the Journal name in the Browse Page and then select searching on the Journal Home Page.

Can I download a whole book?

The books and journals of the Making of the America collection cannot be download as a complete whole.

Can I have access to the text instead of just the page images?

Go to the desired page and click on the Format drop down menu in the toolbar at the top. Select text. You will be able to page through the text until you choose another "Format" option.

I keep losing my results list. How can I get back to it?

On most recent versions of Web browsers, you should be able to return to your search results by using your browser's Back button. If you cannot do this, you might want to open up the results in a new browser window that you can refer to. On a Mac, click and hold down on the page to get another window -- choose the "new window with this frame" item from the little menu that pops up. With Windows you use the right mouse button to click and select the "open frame in a new window" option.

How do you convert the TIFFs to GIFs?

The MOA project stores only TIFF G4 (bitonal) 600dpi images online. When you select a page, the TIFF is converted at that moment to the desired level of GIF. The software that performs this operation is called tif2gif and was written by Doug Orr at the University of Michigan.

I searched a word I knew was on one of the pages, but I got "No hits". Why did this happen?

The MOA page images are used to generate OCR for searching the collection. OCR is still an imperfect process. Most words are captured accurately, but approximately 1% of the characters come out wrong. Since words are frequently repeated, and since some search capability is better than none, we hope this provides a useful avenue into the collection.

Why are some of the pages I saw skewed on the page?

Materials are currently undergoing a "Quality Control" process. Pages with an unacceptable degree of skew will be reprocessed.

Why is some of the bibliographic information incorrect?

Some errors are cataloging errors, others are errors created in incorporating the bibliographic materials into MOA. Please notify us of these error via the Contact Us form. months.

How do I get a complete list of titles in the Cornell MOA system?

A browseable list, organized by content type and title, is provided on the MOA "Browse" page.

My question is not listed above

Please contact us via our online form.