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Rankine, A Manual of Machinery and Millwork (Volume II), 1869.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

  • Download PDF: Front Matter (1.7 MB) Front Cover


  • Download PDF: P.2 Ch.1 (2.2 MB) Part II, Chapter I - Summary of General Principles. (pages 5-27)
  • Download PDF: P.2 Ch.2 (9.2 MB) Part II, Chapter II - Of the Performance of Work by Machines. (pages 28-89)
  • Download PDF: P.2 Ch.3 (2.5 MB) Part II, Chapter III - Of Regulating Apparatus (pages 90-111)
  • Download PDF: P.2 Ch.4 (2.4 MB) Part II, Chapter IV - Of the Efficiency and Counter-Efficiency of Pieces, Combinations, and Trains in Mechanism. (pages 112-139)
  • Download PDF: P.3 Ch.1 (3.4 MB) Part III, Chapter I - Of Materials Used in Machinery. (pages 140-176)
  • Download PDF: P.3 Ch.2 (3.6 MB) Part III, Chapter II - Principles and Rules Relating to Strength of Materials. (pages 177-216)
  • Download PDF: P.3 Ch.3 (2.9 MB) Part III, Chapter III - Of Special Principles Relating to Strength and Stiffness in Machines. (pages 217-248)
  • Download PDF: P.3 Ch.4 (3.9 MB) Part III, Chapter IV - On the Principles of the Action of Cutting Tools. (pages 249-268)

Back Matter

  • Download PDF: Index (1.6 MB) Index, Back Cover
Rankine, A Manual of Machinery and Millwork (Volume II), 1869