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Rankine, A Manual of Machinery and Millwork (Volume 1), 1869.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

  • Download PDF: Front Matter (3.0 MB) Front Cover, Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents, Introduction


  • Download PDF: Chapter I (1.1 MB) Part I, Chapter I - Elementary Rules in Descriptive Geometry. (pages24-37)
  • Download PDF: Chapter II (2.5 MB) Part I, Chapter II - Of the Motions of Primary Moving Pieces in Machines. (pages 38-63)
  • Download PDF: Chapter III (5.0 MB) Part I, Chapter III - Of the Motions of Secondary Moving Pieces. (pages 64-97)
  • Download PDF: Chapter IV (29.4 MB) Part I, Chapter IV - Of Elementary Combinations in Mechanism. (pages 98-255)
  • Download PDF: Chapter V (9.8 MB) Part I, Chapter V - Of Aggregate Combinations in Mechanism. (pages 256-313)
  • Download PDF: Chapter VI (3.2 MB) Part I, Chapter VI - Of Adjustments. (pages 314-335)

Back Matter

  • Download PDF: Back Matter (856 KB) Back Cover
Rankine, A Manual of Machinery and Millwork (Volume 1), 1869