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Newark Museum, Mechanical Models: A Series of Working Models on the Art and Science of Mechanics, 1930.

Table of Contents

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Front Matter

  • Download PDF: Front Matter (1.1 MB) Front Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Introductory Remarks


  • Download PDF: Section 1 (858 KB) Section I (Nos. 1-16) - Four principles of mechanics. Belt, chain, rope, foot treadle and miscellaneous drives.
  • Download PDF: Section 2 (811 KB) Section II (Nos. 17-32) - Universal joints, out of line drives, eccentrics, rope and pulley lifts, types of clutches.
  • Download PDF: Section 3 (938 KB) Section III (Nos. 33-48) - Countershafts, straight line motions, variable speed devices, cam and miscellaneous motions.
  • Download PDF: Section 4 (875 KB) Section IV (Nos. 49-64) - Rachet wheels, drives, stops and miscellaneous movements used in machine construction; types of power saws.
  • Download PDF: Section 5 (919 KB) Section V (Nos. 65-80) - Gearing group, all types of gearing used in machine construction, gear combinations.
  • Download PDF: Section 6 (916 KB) Section VI (Nos. 81-96) - Household devices, coal breaker rolls, stone crusher, four early types of power devices.
  • Download PDF: Section 7 (1 MB) Section VII (Nos. 97-112) - Automobile section, showing different parts in detail. Hydraulic jack and miscellaneous devices.
  • Download PDF: Section 8 (852 KB) Section VIII (Nos. 113-128) - Water handling and water power devices, propeller wheel and steering device.
  • Download PDF: Section 9 (870 KB) Section IX (Nos. 129-144) - Clock and watch escapements, power stamps and hammers, power punch, rotary conveyer, blower, pile driver and miscellaneous devices.
  • Download PDF: Section 10 (879 KB) Section X (Nos. 145-160) - Strain power group, first engine, various types of steam engines and steam turbines, engine governor, reverse motions for stationary engines and locomotives.

Back Matter

  • Download PDF: End Matter (814 KB) Glossery, Exhibit setup, Back Cover

Newark Museum, <i>Mechanical Models: A Series of Working Models on the Art and Science of Mechanics</i>, 1930.