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  1. Maka-oyakapi. Guyot's Elementary geography, in the Dakota language. By S. R. Riggs, LL.D., and Rev. A. L. Riggs. Published for the Dakota Mission by Guyot, A. (1876)

  2. McGuffey's New First Eclectic Reader by McGuffey, William Holmes (1882)

  3. Memoire sur le systeme grammatical des langues de quelques nations indiennes de l'Amerique du Nord ... par M.P.-Et. Du Ponceau ... by Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen (1838)

  4. Minuajimouin gaizhibiiget au St. John = The Gospel of St. John in the language of the Ojibwa Indians [translated by John and Peter Jones] by Jones, John and Peter Jones, translators (1838)

  5. The Moosonee hymnal, translated into the Ojibbeway language by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Moosonee, and the Rev. John Sanders by Horden, John (1919)

  6. New familiar Abenakis and English dialogues, the first ever published on the grammatical system, by Jos. Laurent, Abenakis chief by Laurent, Joseph (1884)

  7. The New Testament in Moose Cree by Horden, John, translator (1922)

  8. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated into the Choctaw language. Pin chitokaka pi okchalinchi Chisvs Klaist in testament himona, chahta anumpa atoshowa hoke by Byington, Cyrus and Alfred Wright, translators (1871)

  9. Nikumoowe mussinahikun = The book of Psalms translated into the language of the Cree Indians of north-west America by the Ven. Archdeacon Hunter by Hunter, James, translator (1876)

  10. Nikumoowina : hymns translated by Mrs. Hunter into the language of the Cree Indians, of the diocese of Rupert's Land, North-West America by Hunter, Jean Ross (1900)

  11. The Niobrara course compiled by Rev. Lester Bradner ... ; a five year course of lessons for use in Niobrara deanery ; authorized by the Bishop of South Dakota ; translated into the Dakota tongue by Rev. E. Ashley ... and Rev. William holmes ; edited by the archdeacon of Niobrara ; published by the Rt. Rev. H.L. Burleson ... = Niobrara Woonspe Ookuwa Kin : wakan cekiye owayawa eciyatanhan wowapi kaga / Rev Lester Bradner ... ; Bishop of South Dakota iyowinkiye ; Rev. Dr. E. Ashley qa Rev. Wm. Holmes ; Dakota iapi en yuieskapi ; Archdeacon of Niobrara iapi awayaka ; Rt. Rev. H.L. Burleson ... by Bradner, Lester (19--?)