Edward S. Curtis. “Chaíwa. Tewa, Profile,”
from The North American Indian, Vol. XII,
The Hopi, 1922. Photogravure.

Digital Resources

Native American Language Dictionaries

Cornell's Native American collection includes a significant concentration of native language dictionaries, documenting the development of dozens of languages. In 2009 Cornell University Library selected and digitized 91 of these dictionaries. You may search or browse the collection by title, author, or language.

An online modern dictionary of the Mohegan language:

A Modern Mohegan Dictionary 2006 Edition

Manuscript Collections

The Native American Collection also contains unpublished manuscripts and archival collections which are described in online finding aids.

Portions of the collection are highlighted in the online exhibition Vanished Worlds, Enduring People: Cornell University Library's Native American Collection

Other Cornell Resources for American Indian Studies