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    1. Indian linguistic families of America, north of Mexico. By J.W. Powell by Powell, John Wesley (1891)

    2. An Ioway grammar : illustrating the principles of the language used by the Ioway, Otoe, and Missouri Indians prepared and printed by Rev. Wm. Hamilton and Rev. S.M. Irvin. Under the direction of the Presbyterian B.F.M. by Hamilton, William (1848)


    1. A Kootenai grammar. by Philip Canestrelli by Canestrelli, Philip (1959)


    1. McGuffey's New First Eclectic Reader by McGuffey, William Holmes (1882)


    1. The Indian primer; or, The way of training up of our Indian youth in the good knowledge of God. Reprinted from the original ed. of 1669, with an introd. by John Small. by Eliot, John (1877)


    1. A primer for the use of the Mohawk children : to acquire the spelling and reading of their own: as well as to get acquainted with the English tongue, which for that purpose is put on the opposite page ... by Claus, Daniel (1781)


    1. Cinq langues de la Colombie britannique; haida, tshimshian, kwagiutl, nootka et tlinkit. Grammaires, vocabulaires, textes traduits et analyses par Raoul de La Grasserie ... by La Grasserie, Raoul de (1902)

    2. Memoire sur le systeme grammatical des langues de quelques nations indiennes de l'Amerique du Nord ... par M.P.-Et. Du Ponceau ... by Du Ponceau, Peter Stephen (1838)


    1. Cesvs Klist em opunvkv-herv Maro Coyvte : the Gospel according to Matthew translated from the original Greek into the Muskokee language by Loughridge, R.M., translator (1875)

    2. Cokv Esvkvsvmkv helpuvlke em punvkv enhvteceskv es cohoyvte tohtvlecihocet os = The Book of Psalms translated from the original Hebrew into the Muskokee language by Ramsey, James Ross, translator (1896)


    1. Arte de el idioma mexicano por el p. fr. Manuel Perez ... by Perez, Manuel (1713)


    1. A key into the language of America, or an help to the language of the natives in that part of America called New-England; together with briefe observations of the customes, manners, and worships, ... by Williams, Roger (1643) [Reprinted 1827]

    Nez Perce´s

    1. Grammatica linguae numipu, Auctore presbytero missionario e Soc. Jesu in Montibus Saxosis by Morvillo, Anthony (1891)