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    1. The Book of Psalms by Peck, E.J. et. al., translators (1917)

    2. English-Eskimo and Eskimo-English vocabularies comp. by Ensign Roger Wells ... and interpreter John W. Kelly. Preceded by ethnographical memoranda concerning the Arctic Eskimos in Alaska and Siberia, by John W. Kelly by Wells, Roger A.E., compiler (1890)

    3. Kanegriarat ashilret : Matthewm, Markim, Lukam Johnamtlu igatlgit. Tamat tselli igatlgitnik ilankgtsoagluting : Mumigtsimalret yugstun, Kuskokwigmiut Awatetnilinguttlu kanlautsetstun by No Author (1929)

    4. A light to lighten the Gentiles : being a tractate on the life of our blessed Lord in the words of Holy Scripture : for the use of the Eskimo in Ungava compiled by a missionary of the Church of England in Ungava by No Author (1910)

    5. Okautsit tussanaktut Mark by Girling, H., translator (1920)

    6. A phonetical study of the Eskimo language, based on observations made on a journey in North Greenland 1900-1901; with a historical introduction about the east Eskimo, a comparison of the Eskimo dialects, a new collection of Greenlandic folk-tales, songs and music, and a map of the Eskimo territories, by William Thalbitzer ... by Thalbitzer, William (1904)

    7. Portions of the Holy Scripture, for the use of the Esquimaux on the northern and eastern shores of Hudson's Bay edited by Edmund Peck by Peck, Edmund, editor (1894)

    8. Service book of the western Eskimos [compiled and revised by the Ven. Archdeacon C.E. Whittaker] by Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma (1922)

    9. Testamentetokak, Hiobib aglangit, Salomoblo imgerusersoanga tikkilugit by No Author (1871)


    1. Haida grammar. by C. Harrison ; edited by Alex. F. Chamberlain by Harrison, C. (Charles) (1895)


    1. Grammar and dictionary of the language of the Hidatsa (Minnetarees, Grosventres of the Missouri). With an introductory sketch of the tribe. By Washington Matthews by Matthews, Washington (1873-74)