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Oxenden, Ashton

  1. The pathway of safety by the Rev. Ashton Oxenden ; translated by the Rev. John Mackay into the language of Cree Indians of the diocese of Rupert's Land, North-West America (1869)

Pareja, Francisco de

  1. Arte de la lengua timvqvana, compvesto en 1614 (1886)

Parisot, Jean

  1. Grammaire et vocabulaire de la langue taensa avec textes traduits et commentés (1882)

Peck, E.J. et. al., translators

  1. The Book of Psalms (1917)

Peck, Edmund, editor

  1. Portions of the Holy Scripture, for the use of the Esquimaux on the northern and eastern shores of Hudson's Bay edited by Edmund Peck (1894)

Perez, Manuel

  1. Arte de el idioma mexicano por el p. fr. Manuel Perez ... (1713)

Pickering, John

  1. An essay on a uniform orthography for the Indian languages of North America, as published in the Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. By John Pickering ... (1820)

Powell, John Wesley

  1. Indian linguistic families of America, north of Mexico. By J.W. Powell (1891)

Ramsey, James Ross, translator

  1. Cokv Esvkvsvmkv helpuvlke em punvkv enhvteceskv es cohoyvte tohtvlecihocet os = The Book of Psalms translated from the original Hebrew into the Muskokee language (1896)

Riggs, Stephen R and John P. Williamson, editors

  1. Dakota odowan = Hymns in the Dakota language edited by Stephen R. Riggs and John P. Williamson (1869)

Sapir, Edward

  1. Wishram texts, by Edward Sapir ; together with Wasco tales and myths, collected by Jeremiah Curtin and ed. by Edward Sapir (1909)

Thalbitzer, William

  1. A phonetical study of the Eskimo language, based on observations made on a journey in North Greenland 1900-1901; with a historical introduction about the east Eskimo, a comparison of the Eskimo dialects, a new collection of Greenlandic folk-tales, songs and music, and a map of the Eskimo territories, by William Thalbitzer ... (1904)

Thomas, Edward Harper

  1. Chinook: a history and dictionary of the Northwest coast trade jargon; the centuries-old trade language of the Indians of the Pacific. A history of its origin and its adoption and use by the traders, trappers, pioneers and early settlers of the Northwest Coast (1935)

Tims, J. W., translator

  1. Readings from the Holy Scriptures in the language of the Blackfoot Indians. translated by the Rev. J.W. Tims, C.M.S. Missionary (1890)

United Church of England and Ireland

  1. Ayumehawe mussinahikun = The book of common prayer : and administration of the sacraments : and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the United Church of England and Ireland translated into the language of the Cree Indians, of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, North- west America (1905)

Wells, Roger A.E., compiler

  1. English-Eskimo and Eskimo-English vocabularies comp. by Ensign Roger Wells ... and interpreter John W. Kelly. Preceded by ethnographical memoranda concerning the Arctic Eskimos in Alaska and Siberia, by John W. Kelly (1890)

Williams, Roger

  1. A key into the language of America, or an help to the language of the natives in that part of America called New-England; together with briefe observations of the customes, manners, and worships, ... (1643) [Reprinted 1827]

Williamson, John Poage

  1. An English-Dakota dictionary. Wasicun ka Dakota ieska wowapi. Comp. by John P. Williamson (1902)

Williamson, Thomas S. and Stephen R. Riggs, translators

  1. Dakota Wowapi Wakan = The Holy Bible, in the language of the Dakotas translated out of the original tongues by Thomas S. Williamson and Stephen R. Riggs (1880)
  2. Dakota Wowapi Wakan = The Holy Bible in the language of the Dakotas translated out of the original tongues by Thomas S. Williamson and Stephen R. Riggs (1919)

Wright, Alfred

  1. The books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, translated into the Choctaw language (1852)
  2. Chahta vba isht taloa holisso, or Choctaw hymn book (1851)
  3. Chahta vba isht taloa holisso = Choctaw hymn book (1858)
  4. A spelling book, written in the Chahta language : with an English translation (1827)

Wright, Asher

  1. A spelling book in the Seneca language, with English definitions. By Asher Wright (1842)

Zeisberger, David

  1. A collection of hymns, for the use of the Delaware Christian Indians, of the missions of the United Brethren, in North America (1847)
  2. Delaware Indian and English spelling book : for the schools of the mission of the United Brethren; with some short historical accounts from the Old and New Testament, and other useful instruction for children. by David Zeisberger (1806)