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Kirkby, W. W.

  1. Portions of the Book of common prayer, hymns, etc., in the Chipewyan language. by Archdeacon Kirkby. Adapted for the use of the Slavi Indians By the Right Rev. W. C. Bompas ... (1879)

La Grasserie, Raoul de

  1. Cinq langues de la Colombie britannique; haida, tshimshian, kwagiutl, nootka et tlinkit. Grammaires, vocabulaires, textes traduits et analyses par Raoul de La Grasserie ... (1902)

Lacombe, Albert

  1. Grammaire de la langue des Cris par le R. P. A. Lacombe (1874)

Laurent, Joseph

  1. New familiar Abenakis and English dialogues, the first ever published on the grammatical system, by Jos. Laurent, Abenakis chief (1884)

Le Goff, Laurent

  1. Grammaire de la langue montagnaise par le rev. pere Laurent Legoff ... (1889)
  2. Histoire de l'Ancien Testament raconte par le rev. pere Laurent Legoff (1889)

Lemoine, George Joseph Guyon

  1. Dictionnaire francais-algonquin, redige par Geo. Lemoine (1909)

Loughridge, R.M., translator

  1. Cesvs Klist em opunvkv-herv Maro Coyvte : the Gospel according to Matthew translated from the original Greek into the Muskokee language (1875)

Lykins, Johnston, compiler

  1. Original and select hymns, in the Shawanoe language, published by one of the missionaries to the Shawanoe Indians (1859)

McGuffey, William Holmes

  1. McGuffey's New First Eclectic Reader (1882)

Matthews, Washington

  1. Grammar and dictionary of the language of the Hidatsa (Minnetarees, Grosventres of the Missouri). With an introductory sketch of the tribe. By Washington Matthews (1873-74)

Michelson, Truman

  1. Preliminary report on the linguistic classification of Algonquian tribes. by Truman Michelson (1912)

Montgomery, William B.

  1. Washashe wageressa pahv_greh tse = The Osage first book (1834)

Mortimer, Favell Lee

  1. Peep of day, in the language of the Cree Indians living on the eastern shores of Hudson Bay translated by the Rev. W.G. Walton (1920)
  2. Woonspe itakihna : ehakeun okaga = Precept upon precept translated into the Dakota language by John B. Renville ; prepared for the press by L.R. Riggs (1864)

Morvillo, Anthony

  1. Grammatica linguae numipu, Auctore presbytero missionario e Soc. Jesu in Montibus Saxosis (1891)