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Series I. Correspondence: Undated (Box 35)

Undated Correspondence of Ezra Cornell


Telegraph industry; family news from Michigan; Cornell University; appeal to Ezra Cornell for aid.


Undated letters of Emory Cobb, Henry O'Reilly, J.J. Speed, F.H. Wade, Theodore Faxton, E.W. Chester, Phebe Wood, Henry Wells, Wesley Newcomb, Goldwin Smith, Horace L. Emery, Jeremiah Beebe, Alonzo B. Cornell, Thomas N. Rooker, and others; includes letters from individuals who do not occur elsewhere in the Cornell Papers.

This undated material pertains to the telegraph industry, the Wood family in Albion Michigan, Cornell University, and includes several appeals to Ezra Cornell for aid.

Many pieces are fragments, scraps, or parts of dated letters; the undated correspondence includes calling cards, and drafts of outgoing letters by Ezra Cornell concerning several important matters of the telegraph industry, the Cornell family, and the University.


Cobb, Emory; O'Reilly, Henry; Speed, J.J.; Wade, J.H.; Faxton, Theodore; Chester, E.W.; Wood, Phebe; Wells, Henry; Newcomb, Wesley; Smith, Goldwin; Emery, Horace L.; Beebe, Jeremiah; Cornell, Alonzo B.; Rooker, Thomas N.

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