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Robert Sloane Wickham was born at Ballston Spa on March 14, 1877. He graduated from Saratoga Springs High School, studied law in the office of Babcock, sperry, and Van Cleve in Binghamton and attended Binghamton High School. In 1897, he won a state scholarship to Cornell and graduated in 1902 with a Bachelor of Law degree. In 1905 he married Eloise Cameron Carpenter. In 1908 they returned to Schuylerville, where he opened a law practice. In 1911, they went back to Binghamton when he was offered a junior partnership with the Chief Counsel of the Excise Department of New York State. He was an avid hiker and wrote two books, Friendly Adirondack Peaks and A Saratoga Boyhood (illustrated by Anne Allaben).

Eloise Cameron Carpenter was born in in Schuylerville, N.Y., the daughter of Alvin Rich Carpenter and Alida Catherine Mayhew. Alida Mayhew was the daughter of Charles Wadsworth Mahew and Maria DeRidder. Maria was the daughter of Walter DeRidder and Alida Vandenburgh. Walter DeRidder was the son of Simon DeRidder, a Brigadier General during the War of 1812 and Maria VAn Schaick. Eloise Carpenter Wickham graduated from Smith College. She had one brother, Charles Mayhew Carpenter who married Mary Alice Hendy of Cynthiana, Ky. They had two children Alvin Rich and Alice. When Charles and Mary Alice divorced Alice stayed with her mother and Charles returned to Binghamton to live with his aunt and uncle. Alvin graduated from Cornell in 1928..