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Contents List

   Container / Location    Title
  Bd. Ms. 1  
Miscellaneous unmounted or unsorted plates
  Bd. Ms. 2  
Lesser nobility, Jacobean, 1700-1745; Chippendale, 1753-1773
  Bd. Ms. 3  
Lesser nobility; also U.S. presidents (facsimiles), Charles Dickens, and David Garrick
  Bd. Ms. 4  
English bookplates: armorial, crests, portraits, pictorial (includes William Whewell)
  Bd. Ms. 5  
English pictorial plates, G-Y
  Bd. Ms. 6  
"Portrait plates" (actually mainly family crests); plates by English engravers
  Bd. Ms. 7  
Bookplates of French, Irish, and Scottish notables
  Bd. Ms. 8  
French, Bohemian, Belgian, German, and Italian plates
  Bd. Ms. 9  
Bookplates from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Japan, Norway, Russia, and Spain
  Bd. Ms. 10  
Bookplates of American statesmen, including facsimiles of the plates of Alexander Hamilton and John Quincy Adams; also, plates of the New-York [Historical?] Society
  Bd. Ms. 11  
Early American bookplates, A-C, including Columbia College
  Bd. Ms. 12, pt. 1  
Early American bookplates, D-J, and Harvard College bookplates, 1878-1901
  Bd. Ms. 12, pt. 2  
Early American bookplates, McBride-Roosevelt
  Bd. Ms. 13  
Early American bookplates, S-W
  Bd. Ms. 14, pt. 1  
Modern American bookplates, A-B, including that of bookplate designer Elisha Brown Bird, and several other bookplates designed by him
  Bd. Ms. 14, pt. 2  
Modern American bookplates, C-Z, including plates designed by Oscar T. Blackburn and F.C. Blank
  Bd. Ms. 15  
Modern American bookplates, A-S (mainly B-C), including the plate of James Branch Cabell
  Bd. Ms. 16  
Bookplates with ribbon and wreath motif; plain armorial plates
  Bd. Ms. 17  
Pictorial bookplates, including plates designed by John W. Evans and also Otto W. Fuhrmann
  Bd. Ms. 18  
Modern American plates (mainly H), including plates designed by W.F. Hopson
  Bd. Ms. 19  
Miscellaneous modern American plates (mainly pictorial), including plates designed by Dan Burne Jones, F.C. Blank, William Jordan, and J.W. Jameson
  Bd. Ms. 20  
Modern American bookplates, mainly A and L-M, including the plate of Avery Architectural Library at Columbia University
  Bd. Ms. 21  
Bookplates designed by Arthur N. McDonald; modern American plates, including those of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Ohio State University Library
  Bd. Ms. 22  
Modern bookplates, M-P, including that of publisher Thomas Bird Mosher
  Bd. Ms. 23  
Modern bookplates, P-S, including plates designed by Howard Pyle
  Bd. Ms. 24  
Modern American bookplates, including plates designed by Sidney L. Smith, Ismael Smith, and Leslie Victor Smith. Includes draft and proofs of a plate by Sidney L. Smith; also, several plates for Bangor (Me.) Public Library
  Bd. Ms. 25  
Modern plates, mainly H and S-W, including plates for Harvard College Library; also, proofs of a plate designed by Daniel B. Fearing
  Bd. Ms. 26  
Two manuscript lists describing bookplate collections; modern American plates, A-H, including plates designed by J.W. Jameson and J. Winfred Spenceley
  Bd. Ms. 27  
Modern American plates, S-T, including plates designed by Wilbur Macey Stone
  Bd. Ms. 28  
Modern American plates, U-W, including plates designed by Margaret Ely Webb; also, erotic bookplates
  Bd. Ms. 29  
Bookplates designed by Edwin Davis French, A-H, including plates for the Grolier Club and Harvard University
  Bd. Ms. 30  
Bookplates designed by Edwin Davis French, M-W, including plates for Princeton University Library and Winfred Porter Truesdell
  Bd. Ms. 31  
Modern American bookplates, including the plate of book collector George A. Plimpton, and plates designed by Edwin Davis French