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Other Club and Venue Fliers [subseries]:
J.H.S. 123, I.S. 131, Murphy Community Center, The Spot, Bunch of Grapes Disco, J.H.S. 167, The Riverboat, Community Center
Flier creator : Eddie Ed, Doc la Rock, Kimani

Event promoter : Breakout, Rock City, T.J., Douggie 'D' and Disco 'T', B1 Spinners, P.R.O., P.S. 110

La Corterie, Smalls Paradise, Club Rhapsody, Vincent's Place, Sparkle, Ramness
Flier creator : Doc la Rock

Event promoter : Tip Top Entertainment, River Niles, Marvyl (Tippi) Smith, Sparkle

Evander Childs High School, Henry Street Settlement, J.H.S. 123, Underground, James "B" Kitchen
Flier creator : Phase II

Event promoter : Black Door

Martial Arts Academy, Walton High, Galaxy 2000, Community Center no. 1, Renaissance Ballroom, Illusions, The Underground, Boys Club, P.S. 110
Flier creator : Phase II, M.C.S., Anthony Riley, Kimani

Event promoter : Grand Master, Jazzy Dee, Tiny Wood, Sparkle, D.E.G., Master Plan, Action Action

March 16, 1979 flier may be the last Anthony Riley flier. It states "No more A. Riley fliers."

Over the Dover, 3545 Kingsland Ave., Renaissance Ballroom, Place 308, Fordham University Campus Center, The New Zoo, Shalimar
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, Straightman, Anthony Riley, B.W.

Event promoter : Unity, Kevin and Carl, Fordham Upward Bound

Tabernacle Center, Brooklyn Colonial Mansion, Monroe High School, Fordham Prep School, Douglas Center, Spotlite
Event promoter : M.Y.F., Fordham Prep Kawaida/Student Government, Lonnie Love, T.N.T., Selwyn, Douglas Teens

December 7, 1979 flier has writing stating "For tickets see Kelly: lunch 6 period (Northwest) or Prefect B31 Room 5E22.

Stevenson Commers, Sumner Center, 203 Lexington Ave. (Brooklyn), Rod Benders, J.F.K., Johnny's Basement, 3811 White Plains Rd., Trek 2, 2101 Cedar Ave. apt. 4D, 3911 E. 222nd St.
Flier creator : M.R.B., K.C. Trer II, Ariel Monroy

Event promoter : Kool B., Calvin B., Ch'cab B., M.C.R.C., Disco Masters, Tiny Wood, Redski, Tony Tee, Mike and Moodie, Brad's Records

St. Martin's Gym, Manhattanville Center, Rocksdale Community Center, Sumner Ave. Armory, School 1st, Wischo Manor, Claremont Center, 359th Armory, Pace University
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, Taylor Made, Tony G., Eddie Ed, Phase II, B.G. Manor, Errol Hart

Event promoter : Tony T., Wizard D., Kool B., Nubian, Shawn and Big Waston, Tommy Tom, C. and J., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

Galaxy 23, Happy Palace, Hamilton Madison House, Rod Benders, Crystal Ballroom
Flier creator : Kool Blaze, Martin Williams, Buddy Esquire

Event promoter : Disco Masters, Tiny Wood, Jerome Cadet Parents

The Riverboat, Downbeat, Hamilton Madison House, Le Chic, Townhouse Emporium, Hudson Giles Center
Flier creator : Silbinio Blanco, Vincent Davis, Buddy Esquire, Crazy Jay, Spade D.

Event promoter : College Productions, Black Student Union, Vintertainment, Players Unlimited, T.L.C., Laur-Rock, Crazy

Paradise, 138th St. and Alexander Ave., Club Good Times, Chez Amor, Downbeat, Southfield Center (Stamford), Tilden Coliseum
Flier creator : Rockin Rob, Lee

Event promoter : Discotheque Magazine, St. Jerome's, N.Y. Rush, Good Times Unlimited

Rochdale Village
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire

Event promoter : Mandiplite

Lesohntae, Eclipse Disco, 3216 Gunther Ave., Sousa J.H.S., Bentley's, James Monroe Community Center, Twilight Zone, Boogie Wonderland
Flier creator : Eddie Ed, [D-Nasty 21?], Gene

Event promoter : Gil Bailey Fan Club, Mandiplite, Glen and Junior, Mr. K., Sousa, K. Connection, McIntosh, Wonder Land

Mt. Vernon H.S., Seville Disco, Club Roots, Jacob Riis Center, James Monroe H.S.
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, Jimmy Jim, Lee, Eddie Ed, Soul Brothers

Event promoter : Mandiplite, Mantil, New York Pythons, Chilly, Larry Jennings

Skatin' Palace, Elk's Ballroom, Rollerdam, Taft H.S., Third Place, I.S. 167, Showcase Studio, I.S. 201, Sumner Armory
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, Phase II, Martin Williams, Boyd Bee, Phase II

Event promoter : Godfather/Cheba, Super 3, R. and J., Taft High School Go, Kool Herc, Sandwich, Perry B., Dominant Force, Mike n' Dave

Chez Julie, Bronx Boys Club (Hoe Ave.), St. Gertrude's Center, Skate World, Elk's Lodge (Danbury), Carver Foundation (Norwalk), Yerwood Center (Stamford), Skate Odyssey, Twin City Roller Rink (Elizabeth), Cotton Club, New Harlem Rap Theatre, Sound Symposia, Jackson Center
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, Larry Gee, Phase II, Kevie D.

Event promoter : Union, Orlando, Mike n' Dave, Ecstasy, Curtis Sherrod, Russell Richardson, Eduardo Stallings, NYC Willie Gums, The New Rolls Royce Movement, D. Scott, Crash City, McIntosh

March 16, 1981 St. Gertrude's Center flier (2 of 2) is inscribed "To Mexi-Ray, Love Sexi Sha". Several fliers in a row for a Cold Crush tour of Connecticut and New Jersey in the summer of 1981.

Family, Kips Bay Boys Club, Upskate NY Roller Disco, Highlighters Racket Club, The Railroaders Club, Manhattan Center
Flier creator : Eddie Ed, L. Steve Lucas

Event promoter : K.B.B.C., Nubian, NY Production Ltd., Orlando, Kool Herc, D.E.G.

Skatin' palace, Hunts Point Palace, St Martin Hall, South Oxford Tennis Club, Your Spot, Manhattan Connection
Flier creator : Buddy Esquire, J.Kane, Larry, Sisco Kid

Event promoter : Mandiplite, Nubian

Record Sales Sheets
Philip Edwards, S.U.R.E shot.