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Ron Bluestein was born in Philadelphia on February 4, 1949 and died from cancer on September 20, 2007 in his sister's home in Springfield, PA. His journal writing, started as an assignment in Arthur Lessing's philosophy class at Lake Forrest College, Illinois in 1969, continued avidly across the years. Bluestein wrote about AIDS hospice, art, entertainment, spirituality, and sex clubs for the Bay Area Reporter, the Advocate, Vogue, and other publications. In about 1984 he helped start the San Francisco Jacks, a safe sex group still active in 2007 and described as "a fellowship of men who like to jack-off in the company of like-minded men." He supported himself as a waiter and as a caretaker in a San Francisco Zen center. He was close with his sister Sheryl Bluestein McShea who added his nickname Ronnette as her middle name after his death.