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Board of Directors
Agenda for December 7-9 meeting; biographical description of James Williams (sic) Guthrie; Convention Committee and Executive Committee recommendations re potential sites for Representative Assembly, with attached timeline and agenda; President's Report to NYSUT Board of Directors, December 7; document prepared by NYSUT Division of Research and Educational Services, The New Part 100 of Commissioner's Regulations adopted by the Board of Regents at their November 16, 1984, meeting; NYSUT financial statements and supplementary financial information, year ended August 31, 1984; comparative balance sheets as of August 31 and July 31, 1984, and August 31, 1983, and as of September 30 and August 31, 1984, and September 30, 1983; NYSUT Benefit Trust progress report; memo to NYSUT president Tom Hobart and secretary-treasurer Herb Magidson re "Inside Your Schools" program report, November 19; memo from State Education Department to Board of Regents re renewable contracts for teachers, November 5; report to NYSUT Board of Directors from coordinator for NYSUT retirees, re large increase in retired membership, but noting failure by many locals to bill dues to retired members, December 4; New York Times clippings re national standards proposal, teacher warranties, November 14, December 4; memo re new area code for Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, November 26; list of Regents' Action Plan proposals, NYSUT positions on the proposals, and regulatory outcomes; letter to Board of Directors from Tom Hobart re next (January 20-21) meeting, with attached materials: NYSUT brochure, "Organized Labor's Foreign Policy: Freedom of Association," with cover letter from NYSUT second vice president Toni Cortese, certified independent audit of NYSUT 1982-83 fiscal year, with cover letter from secretary-treasurer Herb Magidson; summary of actions of Board of Directors meeting of January 20-21, with attached approved statement, NYSUT Response to Education Reform Initiatives in New York State and NYSUT Discussion Paper on the Board of Regents' Proposed Action Plan to Improve Elementary and Secondary Education Results in New York; memo re changes in Board of Directors directory, January 10; agenda for January 20-21 meeting; minutes of Board of Directors meeting of October 21-22, 1983; Executive Committee minutes, September 15, November 10, and December 8, 1983, and January 5, 1984; guidelines on vendor access to NYSUT activities; memo re image development campaign expenditures, December 5