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Textile and Apparel Trade Endorsement Act of 1985
See also American Fiber, Textile, Apparel Coalition (AFTAC) 1986; see also Speeches - Democratic Policy Commission; see also Imports - Roll-Back Campaign 1984-1985; see also Political Correspondence 1986 Message from the President of the United States (Ronald Reagan) transmitting his veto of Textile & Apparel Trade Enforcement Act of 1985, with full text of bill, December 17, 1985; memo to all ILGWU regional directors from Saul Rosen noting Reagan veto as "Christmas present to America's 2 million garment workers," January 7, 1986; memo to Mazur with notes on legislation and imports in preparation for congressional meetings in Washington, March 10 and 11 (1987); memo from the Kamber Group to ACTWU General Executive Board outlining strategy campaign to override the veto, March 17, 1986; memo to Mazur from ILGWU vp Susan Cowell re Kamber memo, March 31, 1986; memo to Mazur from Saul Rosen re Kamber memo and Susan Cowell's critique, April 7, 1986; memo from vp Cowell to exec vp Wilbur Daniels re coordinating with ACTWU on override campaign, April 24, 1986; press release from ACTWU, "American Public Supports Override of Textile Bill Veto, According to New National Opinion Survey," July 28, 1986; Statement of Jack Sheinkman, secretary/treasurer, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union; Statement of Jay Mazur, president, ILGWU, calling for veto of veto; charts showing increase in U.S. textile and apparel imports and concurrent decline in industry jobs, 1975-85, and related fact sheets; letter from President Reagan to Sen. Strom Thurmond re concerns over unemployment and decrease in textile/apparel production caused by imports, October 4, 1982; letters or press releases from National Farmers Organization, Oklahoma Farmers Union, National Corn Growers Association, National Consumers League, and American Textile Manufacturers Institute in support of bill; Statement by the AFL-CIO Executive Council on Overriding the Veto of the Textile and Apparel Trade Enforcement Act, August, 1986; material by the Fiber, Fabric & Apparel Coalition for Trade (FFACT), including fact sheet on the Textile and Apparel Trade Enforcement Act and analysis of trade issues, May 1986; Department of State "gist" summary of U.S. foreign relations policy re textile import control program, March 1986; letters from Mazur to Benjamin Hooks, NAACP, urging adoption of attached resolution supporting override of veto of the trade bill, July 15 and 23, 1986; memo from exec asst James Parrott, "Background Material for Schumer Meeting," with arguments countering the congressman's misgivings about the trade bill, July 28, 1986; fact sheets on NYC garment industry and U.S. imports; memo from Parrott re need for fact sheet on why current legislation is inadequate, to be prepared for congressmen, July 3, 1986; letters to and from congressmen and Mazur and others re trade bill; agenda, July 25 Override Meeting, with schedule for lobbying trip to the Capitol; draft document with handwritten editing and notation "Starobin for Sen. Hollings," apparently delivered on floor of Senate, criticizing office of U.S. Special Trade Representative and trade agreement increasing imports from Hong Kong and Taiwan, n.d.; letter to Secretary of the Treasury James Baker III in his capacity of chairman of the Economic Policy Council re failure of advisory process in not consulting U.S. labor or industry representatives in negotiated agreement with Hong Kong, signed by Mazur and industry association executives, July 2, 1986; confidential memo from ILGWU research director Herman Starobin outlining need for new trade legislation including a rollback of import restrictions to 1985 levels, n.d.; unsigned papers, "The Need for the Textile and Apparel Trade Enforcement Act," and paper on consumption spending, June 1986; booklet by ILGWU, "The Import Problem," excerpted from the General Executive Board Report to the 39th Convention of the ILGWU, May 30-June 6, 1986; "An Analysis of the Veto Override Vote," with note from Mazur to exec. Asst. James Parrott and vp Susan Cowell, n.d; memos from Mazur to all officers and staff and to all members re narrow defeat of veto override, August 11 and 12, 1986; Statement by Jay Mazur, "Failure to Override the President's Veto of the Textile and Apparel Trade Enforcement Act," vowing to continue the fight, August 6, 1986; memo to Mazur from Saul Rosen advising that the ILG should not make campaign contributions to any legislators who voted against overriding the veto, even if they are otherwise friends, August 7, 1986; Outcome of 1986 Congressional Elections, with notations re voting record on Textile & Apparel Trade Enforcement Act of 1985; letter from U.S. Trade Representative to Mazur following up on dinner meeting, noting differences in perspectives, November 6, 1986; draft of response by research director Starobin to 5/5/86 Forbes article by Susan Lee re trade, May 19, 1986; letter from candidate Stuart Epperson soliciting campaign contribution in race against N. Carolina congressman Steve Neal, notes commitment from Sen. Steve Symms to include textiles in proposed FAIR Act, Oct. 3, 1986; letter from Harvard researcher Gloria Webster to Mazur soliciting comments on draft of analysis of textile and apparel trade dispute, October 17, 1986; press release, Text of Testimony of Howard D. Samuel, President, Industrial Union Department, AFL-CIO, before the Joint Economic Committee Hearings on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Employment Act of 1946; "Meeting the Challenge of International Competition," January 17, 1986; Statement of Carlos Moore on Behalf of the American Fiber, Textile, Apparel Coalition Before the Subcommittee on Oversight, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representative, in re. the Impact and Effectiveness of the Caribbean Basin Initiative, February 27, 1986; text of speech by Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Allan Wallis before the Economic Policy Council, "Protecting Prosperity from Protectionism," January 17, 1986; rebuttal to trade article by Timothy Taylor by Saul Rosen, January 12, 1986; Kiplinger Washington Letter re trade legislation, October 31; newspaper clippings