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Nicaragua- report on pre-election visit
Letter to Mazur from Tom Kahn, director of international affairs, AFL-CIO, re upcoming trip to Nicaragua, December 18, 1989; confidential memo to Mazur from ILGWU vp Susan Cowell expressing concerns over political motivation of AIFLD (AFL-CIO American Institute for Free Labor Development) trip, ostensibly sponsored as a labor solidarity trip but actually designed to discredit elections and promote right-wing agenda, March 10, 1990; memo to Mazur from ILGWU Local 99 education director Sonia Laracuente, expressing similar concerns as Cowell re politicized AIFLD trip, April 12, 1990; official report by Laracuente re trip, April 9, 1990; drafts (?) of memo from Mazur to AFL-CIO's Tom Kahn, noting concerns about the trip, April 9 and 16, 1990; Report on the 1990 Nicarguan Elections, by Susan Cowell, calling elections a stunning victory for democracy; Background Notes on Nicaragua, calling elections a stunning victory for democracy (unsigned, undated); AIFLD Nicaragua Source Book, 1988, newsletter, clippings, and cover letters from AIFLD official David Jessup relating to trip and elections, April 16, 1990;