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Series I. Eve's Garden and Dell Williams
Boxes 1-3, 5-6, 7

This series includes material about the operation and philosophy of Eve's Garden: Dell Williams's notes and writing about the start, purpose, and goals of the business, her series of articles "Sexually Speaking", some audiotaped interviews and lectures by her, publicity files, lists of the product line, and files about product development and events sponsored by the store, as well as Williams's appointment books. Also included are some of Williams's personal writings, resumes, and correspondence. The series also contains materials pertaining to Dell's immediate family: awards won by her tennis-playing parents, correspondence with her brother Lorenz when both were in the army in 1946, and materials concerning Lorenz's experience in a plane crash in 1972. In addition are files about close friend Betty Dodson, and about the 1973 NOW Women's Sexuality Conference, which was pivotal in Williams' life. Customer correspondence is restricted until 2079.


Eve's Garden

Betty Dodson

Interfaith Ministry

Series II. Colleagues, Correspondents, and Subjects
Boxes 1-3, 6

This series, arranged alphabetically, includes the correspondence and information she saved from numerous people and organizations involved in sexual liberation, spirituality, feminism, and sex education. Included are drafts of articles numerous writers shared with her.



Feminism and Other

Series III. Clippings and Print Material
Boxes 2-3, 6

This series consists of various articles she saved from magazines, newspapers, and pamphlets.

Series IV. Audiovisual Material
Box 6-8

This series consists of videotapes and audiotapes on various sexual subjects, collected by Williams. Audiovisual material featuring Williams or Dodson is listed in Series I.

Series V. Merchandise
Boxes 2-4

This series contains items that have been products at Eve's Garden or objects that Williams collected.