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Ernest Merritt, 1893-1950, and Undated [series]:
Physics Dept. Annual Reports 1917-1933 and n.d. Also notes.

Letters on M's 80th birthday (Dec. 1944-June 1945 and n.d) from Pres. Day (April 16, 1955), many others.

Copies of M's letters re sub detection written after Pearl Harbor (dated Jan. 1941-Feb. 1942, but judging from contents, "Jan 1941" would appear to be "Jan 1942.") A reply from R.P. Briscoe, Commander, U.S.N. (Feb. 2, 1942).

"Report on the Practicability of Magnetic and Electric Methods for the Detection of Submarines" 52 carbon typescript pp., 1917, author unknown) and related correspondence from Vannevar Bush and others (1917-1942).

Biog. material re Prof. Edward L. Wichols, including photos (1393-1942). Dean Merritt graduate faculty records, 1909-1911 (1 folder)