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NYSUT Board Mailings
November 1995. NYSUT press releases, "NYSUT Endorses Plan to Toughen Graduation Requirements," November 3, "Cortese Elected to National Board for Professional Teaching Standards," November 21; "Ashe Retires after 25 Years as NYSUT General Counsel," November 20; "Answering Attacks on 'Lessons for Life' [aka "A Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Learning"]: Questions and Answers for Local Leaders"; letter to the editor from NYSUT executive vice president Alan Lubin rebutting article re SUNY credit rating; Questionnaire for Presidents of Elementary and Secondary Teacher Locals, with cover letter from NYSUT vice president Antonia Cortese, urging response; NYSUT Briefing Bulletin re rates and causes of business failures, answering assertion that schools should be run "like a business"; NYSUT Information Bulletin; NYSUT Regent's Report Card; letter to the editor from Al Shanker in New York Times, "Who Put Ethics on Labor's New Agenda?"; article in Education Week, "Vouchers Are No GI Bill for Children," September 6; speech by Secretary of Labor Robert Reich at AFL-CIO Convention (?); New York Times article, "New York Again the Most Unionized State," October 22; NYSUT newsletter, For Your Health Safety, fall 1995; United University Professions newsletter, The Voice; NYSUT telephone directory; tentative agenda for December 1-2 Board of Directors meeting; minutes of September 8-9 meeting; action items for Representative Assembly; Report of the Task Force on the NYSUT Representative Assembly; list of resolutions referred to the Board of Directors by the 1995 Representative Assembly; related items; requests for affiliation; Confidential Report to the NYSUT Board of Directors on the New York State PTA Convention, November 10-13, 1995; Division of Research & Educational Services Monthly Report, November