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Audiotapes [series]:
Mable (tr7360a - tr7362a)
Linda (tr7363a, tr7364a)
Anita (tr7365a - tr7368a)
Judy (tr7369a - tr7372a)
Marie (tr7373a - tr7376a)
B. (tr7377a - tr7379a)
Muriel (tr7380a - tr7382a)
C.B. (tr7383a, tr7384a)
Renee (tr7385a - tr7387a)
Sher (tr7388a - tr7390a)
Larry (tr7391a - tr7393a)
Carole (tr7394a - tr7396a)
Beth (tr7397a - tr7400a)
Jay (tr7401a, tr7402a)
Sue (tr7403a, tr7404a)
Gay (tr7405a - tr7407a)
Rebecca (tr7408a - tr7410a)
Sharon (tr7411a - tr7414a)
Martha (tr7415a - tr7417a)
Pat (tr7418a)
Melloniece (tr7419a, tr7420a)
Elvira (tr7421a - tr7425a)
Chuck (tr7426a)
Interviews with 27 additional people (tr7917a-7986a)