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  1 (folders 1-12), 23  
Series I. Personal Records [series]:
This series contains the personal records of Brian McNaught from 1965 - 1998. Included in the series are diaries kept while on a hunger strike in 1974 in protest of being fired from a Catholic publication for writing about being gay; documents from his filing as a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war; address books; materials from his high school and college, and photographs.

  1 (folders 13-29), 2, 19, 23  
Series II. Writings [series]:
This series contains articles and manuscripts written by Brian McNaught between the years 1969 - 1993. Included are drafts of his books On Being Gay, and A Disturbed Peace. Also included are his weekly articles "A Disturbed Peace," and "Write On!," originally written for The Michigan Catholic; and other articles written by McNaught for various publications. Other writings include an unpublished children's story Grogg the Frog; a monograph manuscript, When Irish Eyes are Gay, and a published letter to Anita Bryant: "Late Night Thoughts of a Catholic Homosexual."

  3-5 (folders 1-36), 23  
Series III. Speaking Engagements and Workshops [series]:
This series contains materials from workshops and lectures given by McNaught between the years 1979-2003. The bulk of the lectures were at various colleges on the subject of being gay and Catholic, and the workshops primarily deal with homophobia in the workplace. Of note are the papers from homophobia workshops at the ATT/League, a workshop series for employees of ATT designed to raise awareness about gay and lesbian issues and make ATT a more comfortable environment for gays and lesbians.

  5 (folders 37-end), 6, 23  
Series IV. Catholic and Unitarian Universalist [series]:
This series contains Brian McNaught's files that deal directly with Catholic issues and the Catholic Church. Of note are the papers and newsletters about Dignity, a national organization for gay Catholics. There are also files about the Michigan Catholic, the newspaper from which he was fired in 1974. This series also includes articles pertaining to gay Catholics and newsletters from various Catholic organizations and churches, both local and national. Also included is a file on McNaught's involvement with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Naples, FL.

  6 (folders 26-30), 7  
Series V. Boston [series]:
This series contains Brian McNaught's files from his time as the Liaison to the mayor for the gay and lesbian community, 1982-1984. Included in this series are testimony and materials from the "Boston Project," started by mayor Kevin H. White and designed to improve life in Boston for the gay and lesbian community. Also included are various files about Boston, such as police files, local events, and a file on the Beantown softball league.

  8-12, 23  
Series VI. Subject Files [series]:
This series contains Brian McNaught's files relevant to his work. Included in this series are his files on AIDS information, files on specific people and gay and/or Catholic organizations such as the National Gay Task Force, the Thornfield workshop, and two Marches on Washington. There is information on a variety of gay and lesbian issues in the form of reports and articles.

  13-16, 23-24  
Series VII. Correspondence [series]:
This series consists of personal letters and other correspondence received by Brian McNaught from 1965-1998. There are letters from bishops and priests, heads of Dignity chapters, and personal letters from friends, as well as business correspondence. Of note are statements of support from numerous people during his hunger strike, including the letter ending his 1974 fast. Also included in this series is fan mail about his various books as well as letters from friends and family. Some letters have been RESTRICTED UNTIL 2049 or 2033 by the donor.

  17-20, 23  
Series VIII. Support Documents [series]:
Support Documents include articles about McNaught and reviews of his writing; also, magazines, brochures, and pamphlets McNaught saved that are relevant to his work. Some publications were separated to be cataloged as part of the Human Sexuality Collection print resources. See: Separated Materials.

  21-22, 23  
Series IX. Visual Materials and Ephemera [series]:
Included are various posters, and some advertisements for McNaught lectures. Also old calendars, buttons, two Boston Gay Pride hats; slides and photographs of McNaught from the 1970s. Included in this box is a film strip/tape presentation entitled "The Hidden Minority: Homosexuality in Our Society."

Series X. Audio and Video Materials [series]:
This series contains videos and tapes made by McNaught to be used primarily as educational tools, as well as to help people struggling with their own sexual identity.