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Mark Goldstaub was born April 24, 1951 and died from an AIDS-related illness December 14, 1998. He worked as a publicist in New York City for entertainers including Shirley MacLaine. He is survived by his parents, his brother Paul Goldstaub, and his partner, Edmund Wojcik.

Motivated to share her family's story and to persuade other parents to continue to love their gay children, Sylvia Goldstaub wrote a book in Mark's honor, Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please! Sylvia has toured the country speaking about her book and her experiences at book stores, religious groups, and AIDS fund-raising events. Sylvia and Bernie have been active members of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays in Florida. Paul Goldstaub, a professor of music, composed "Venetian Echoes" as a tribute to Mark.