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Video Materials [series]:
Videotapes [subseries]:
Publicity for Sylvia Goldstaub's lecture at Temple Beth El Zedeck on WISH-TV 8 News, Indianapolis, Indiana, October 14, 1991. Includes a short clip of Mark Goldstaub's panel in the NAMES Project quilt. Lecture is with Dr. Martin Kleiman, Sylvia Goldstaub's cousin and doctor to Ryan White (V-159)
Duplicate of 159 (V-160)
Broadcast about PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) hosted by Sheldon Katz with Sylvia and Bernie Goldstaub. The Goldstaub's discuss their involvement in the organization and the death of their son Mark from AIDS. (V-161)
Sylvia Goldstaub discusses her experience as a mother of a gay son who died of AIDS. Vail, Colorado, March 13, 1993 (V-162)
"Paths to Spirituality: AIDS, Homosexuality and Unconditional Love - An Interview with Sylvia and Bernie Goldstaub," Sylvia Goldstaub discusses her experience as a mother of a gay son who died of AIDS. [sound is muffled] (V-163)
Lecture and book signing, Sylvia Goldstaub, Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please! at Upstart Crow Bookstore, Long Beach, California 12/2/93 (V-168)
Sylvia Goldstaub lecture, Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please! - Vail, Colorado
Sylvia Goldstaub - talk at Barnes and Noble, Sarasota, Florida
Sylvia and Bernie Goldstaub, Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please!
Sylvia and Bernie Goldstaub, Humanistic side of AIDS, Unconditional Love - Long Beach Cable TV interview, Sheldon Katz
Goldstaub, Unconditional Love: Mom! Dad! Love Me Please! - Cable 13 TV, Ithaca, NY
8 mm Film Reels [subseries]:
Home movies ( 7567-F1 )
July 1951- Paul's 4th birthday, Mark 3 months old thru 1955 Sylvia and Bernie's 10th Anniversary

Home movies ( 7567-F2 )
1955 Spring school play (Paul), Miss Tinnan 2nd grade; 1955 Cabana Club July; 1955 Christmas; 1956 3rd grade (Paul) Mrs. Silva March 14th; April 1956 Mark's 5th birthday; 1956 Cabana Club July; Sept. 1956 Mark's 1st day of Kindergarten; 1957 July Paul's 10th birthday at the Cabana Club; 1957 Sept. school opens, Yom Kippur

Home movies ( 7567-F3 )
Sylvia, Bernie and boys Florida trip Apr. 1957- St. Augustine, Marina Studio, Hisleah(?), Acqua Fair(?), Washington DC

Home movies ( 7567-F4 )
1958 July Paul leaving for Camp Minisink(?): 1958 July 13 Mark's play at Cabana Club; 1958 July Camp Minisink(?); 1958 Sept. First day school- Paul's first scout hike Oct. 1958; 1959 Mar. Paul's 6th grade play and magic(?); 1959 June Mark's 2nd grade play; 1960 Apr. new home; May 1960 Memorial Day

Home movies ( 7567-F5 )
1958 Miss Sloan, Mark 5th grade; Air Force day May 7 1958

Homes movies ( 7567-F6 )
Paul's Bar Mitzvah, June 4 1960, Irvington Home Irvington, NJ

Home movies ( 7567-F7 )
June 19 1960 Sylvia and Bernie 15th anniversary; Sept.1960 1st day school to Mark's 10th birthday April 24 1961; 1961 July Cape Cod; 1961 Sept. First day school; 1961 Dec. Ice skating; 1962 June 1, Feb. 2

Home movies ( 7567-F8 )
1963 First day school and football game; 1964 Decoration for May parade; 1964 Summer and Niagara Falls; 1964 Sept. Paul senior Mark 8th grade and Jr. High; 1965 June Paul graduation from Columbia HS; 1965 Sept. Paul freshman Ithaca College; 1965 Mark freshman Jr. High(?); 1966 Spring Ithaca College; 1966 Mark sophomore Columbia HS; 1966 Paul sophomore Ithaca College

Home movies ( 7567-F9 )
1964 Apr. 18 Mark's Bar Mitzvah

Home movies ( 7567-F10 )
1967 March Paul (Jr.) Columbia HS; 1967 Paul (Jr.) Ithaca College; 1968 Sept. Paul (Sr.) Horse Head practice; 1968 Sylvia/Mark Senior Columbia HS; 1969 May Paul graduates Ithaca College; 1969 June Mark graduates Columbia HS and prom; 1969 Sept. Mark freshman Ithaca College; 1970 Aug. Mark and Laura sophomores at Ithaca College

Home movies ( 7567-F11 )
1971 Jan 17th, "Mom-Dad Israel"

Home movies ( 7567-F12 )
1973 Mark's Graduation from Emerson College