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Series III. Alphabetic Subject Files [series]:
Abbe Don, Videomaker
Artist Information
Acts of Resistance, Video Production Group
Acts of Resistance Marketing Package, San Francisco, 1990
AIDS Video
Video Against Aids Pamphlet, Video Data Bank, Chicago, 1989
Video Against Aids Program Notes, Video Data Bank, Chicago, 1989
Albright-Knox Art Gallery
A Video Vasari Program, Buffalo, NY, 1987
A Video Vasari New Titles Index, Buffalo, NY, 1987
Alive From Off Center
Alive From Off Center Background Information, Saint Paul, MN, 1985
Alive From Off Center National Showcase Program, 1985 (2)
Alive From Off Center National Showcase Program, 1986
Alive From Off Center National Showcase Program, 1987
Copenhagen Film and Video Workshop Festival Announcement, 1988
Shewey, Don, "Alive From Off Center Provides National Exposure for New Generation of Avant-Garde Artists", New York, 1985
American Federation of the Arts
Revising Romance: New Feminist Video, The American Federation of Arts program, 1984
The American Federation of Arts Film/Video Program, 1987
The American Federation of Arts Film/Video Program, 1989
Whitney Biennial Video Exhibition program, The American Federation of Arts Film program, 1985
Whitney Biennial Video Exhibition program, The American Federation of Arts Film program, 1987
American Film Institute
AFI National Video Festival Pamphlet, 1988
AFI National Video Festival Pamphlet, 1989
AFI National Video Festival Newspaper Schedule, 1988
AFI National Video Festival Distribution List, 1990
AFI Television Writers Summer Workshop Announcement Form, 1989
American Library Association
ALA Annual Conference Schedule, 1990
ALA Annual Conference Program, 1990
Angles: Women Working in Film
Angles Quarterly Publication, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1991
Angles Quarterly Publication, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1992
Angles Quarterly Publication, Vol. 1, No. 3, 1992
Angles Quarterly Publication, Vol. 1, No. 4, 1992
Angles Quarterly Publication, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1993
Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival
19th Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival Press Release, 1990
Annenberg/CPB Project
Application Guidelines, 1989
Projects Approved to Date, 1989
The Annenberg/CPB Collection Video and Audio Catalog, 1989
Anstey, Jo
Jo Anstey, 'The Bus Stops Here' Script, 1991
Anthology: Doug Hall and Sally Jo Fifer
Table of Contents for 'Art Video: An Anthology of Writings on Artists' Video'
Archives of Appalacia
Archives of Appalacia Newsletter, Vol. III, 1981
Archives of Appalacia Brochure
The Richard Blausetein Collection Inventory, 1987
Archives: MARC Format
Library of Congress Catalog, 'Access: Catalogs and Technical Publications for 1989',1989
Library of Congress Catalog, 'MARC: Distribution Services 1989', 1989
Library of Congress Catalog, 'Select MARC: Restrospective Conversion Service', 1989
Archives: National Historical Publications and Records Commission
Annual Report, 1987
Records Program Grant Guidelines and Procedures, 1989
Archives: Society of American Archivists, Chicago
SAA Membership Brochure, 1990
SAA Annual Meeting Preliminary Program, 1990
SAA Newsletter, May 1990
Modern Archives Institute Pamphlet, 1991
Archives: UCLA Film and Television Archive
Screenings and Events Calendar, 1990
Art Books: Jaap Rietman, New York
Art Books Inventory Catalog, No. 30, Fall 1987
Art Books Inventory Catalog, No. 31, Spring 1988
Art Books: Printed Matter Inc.
Printed Matter Catalog, Fall 1987
Printed Matter Catalog, Christmas 1987
Printed Matter Catalog, Fall 1988
Invoice Receipt, 1988
Printed Matter Flyer, Christmas 1988
Printed Matter Flyer, Spring 1989
Printed Matter Catalog, Summer 1989
Printed Matter Catalog, Christmas 1989
Printed Matter Mailing Brochure, 1989
Printed Matter Catalog, Spring 1990
Printed Matter Flyer, Christmas 1990
Art Catalogues, LA
Exhibition Catalogues on 20th Century Artists, List 13, 1988-1989
Exhibition Catalogues on 20th Century Artists, List 14, 1990
Art Com, San Francisco
Selected Bibliography on Video/Television From Art Com Magazine 1975-1985, 1985
Art Com Press Release, 1986
Tokyo Form and Spirit Flyer, 1987
Contemporary Arts Press Distribution, Winter 1987
Art Com Press Release, Spring/Summer 1988
Contemporary Arts Press Distribution, Summer 1988
Contemporary Arts Press Distribution, Winter 1988
Art Com Media Distribution Catalog, No. 1, 1988
Art Com Video Fall Update, 1989
Art Com Press Release, Fall 1989
Contemporary Arts Press Distribution Catalog, Fall 1990
Art Com Media Distribution Catalog, Winter 1990(2 copies)
Art Com Television Distribution: Nam June Paik no date(2 copies)
Contemporary Arts Press Distribution: Picture This, no date
Art in Form Book and Record Story, Seattle
Catalog of Books on Contemporary Art, Fall 1988-Winter 1989
Art in Form Catalog Five
Art in Form Catalog Six
Art in Form Catalog Seven
Art in Form New Contemporary Art Publications Flyer
Art in Form New Music Recordings Flyer
Art Institute of Chicago
Public Program Events Calendar, January-February, 1989
Public Program Events Calendar, March-April, 1989
Art Strike
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 1, 1989
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 2, 1989
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 3, 1989
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 4, 1989
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 5, 1989
Yawn Sporadic Critique of Culture, No. 6, 1989
Yawnzzz Sporadic Critique of Culture, Art Strike Cancelled, 1989
Asian Cinevision
Asian Cinevision Pamphlet, 1989
Cinevue, Vol. IV, No. 4, December 1989
12th Asian American International Film Festival Program, 1989
13th Asian American International Film Festival Program, 1990
Voice Newspaper Article "Great Leap Forward", 1991
Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC)
Video Networks Rate Sheet 1986
Video Networks Rate Sheet 1989
Membership Invoice 1990
Membership Welcome Letter 1990
James D. Phelan Art Award in Video Call of Entries 1990
Video Networks Newsletter April/May 1989
Video Networks Newsletter February/March 1990
Video Networks Newsletter April/May 1990
Video Networks Newsletter June/July 1990
Video Networks Newsletter August/September 1990
Video Networks Newsletter December/January 1991/1992
Video Networks Newsletter April/May 1994
Video Production and Technical Workshop Schedule Spring 1990
Video Production and Technical Workshop Schedule Summer 1990
Video Production and Technical Workshop Schedule Fall 1990
Black Film Institute
Black Music on Film Program Guide
Black Film Times 3 Program Guide 1989
Black Film Review Magazine Vol. 5, No. 4 1990
Black Filmmaker Foundation
Black Filmmaker Foundation Membership Application 1990
Black Mountain College
Spring Session Pamphlet 1989
Book Publishers (misc.)
Index of Book Publishers, excerpts from 'Literary Market Place: The Directory of American Book Publishing' R. R. Bowker Co., NY, 1986
Boston Film/Video Foundation
Visions Publication, Vol. 12, Winter 1988/1989 (2 copies)
Workshops Catalog, Winter/Spring 1989
Workshops Catalog, Summer 1989
Workshops Catalog, Fall 1989
Workshops Catalog, Winter/Spring 1990
Winter Exhibition Series Program, 1989
Accessible Equipment Pamphlet, 1989
Equipment Membership Application, 1989
Volunteer/Intern Description, 1989
Membership Application, 1989 (2 copies)
Membership Application, 1990
New England Film/Video Fellowship Program Application, 1990
Bronx Museum of the Arts
Call to Media Artists for Exhibit "Emerging Expressions: The Third Dimension and Beyond" July 1990 (2 copies)
Press Kit, "Visions of Home: Designs for Affordable Housing in the Bronx" 1990 Includes: Press Release for Visions of Home, Press Release for Winners of 1990 Architechtural Design Competition, Press Release for Public Programming, Press Release Bronx Museum Fact Sheet, Press Release for 'Home: A Place in the World", Public Programs Brochure, 'Visions of Home' Postcard, 'Visions of Home' Proposal Guidelines, Photograph of 'Visions of Home' 1st Prize Winner, Photograph of 'Visions of Home' 3rd Prize Winner, 'Home: A Place in the World' Exhibition Schedule, Fall/Winter Museum Bulletin
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Annual Report 1984-1985
American Arts Magazine Article "Calculating Risks: The Man Behind BAM", Interview with Harvey Lichtenstein, March 1984-1985
New York Times Article, "BAM is a Mecca of the New", October 1985
On The Next Wave Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1983
On The Next Wave Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1984
On The Next Wave Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 1-2, October 1985
On The Next Wave Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 3, November 1985
Brooklyn Museum
Annual Report 1984-1985
'From This Side of the Bridge: Video in Brooklyn" Exhibition Brochure, 1990
AFI Video Festival New York Reprise Schedule, 1989
AIDS Awareness Day Video Program, 1989
Video 101 Public Program Brochure, 1989
'African-American Video Visions' Exibition Brochure, 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Identity', April 6, 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Reflections on Civil Rights' April 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Documentaries on Women in the Performing Arts' May 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Africa and the Diaspora', May 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Philip Mallory Jones Retrospective', May 1990
'African-American Video Visions', Program Notes on 'Cultural Expressions', June 1990
California Video
RAD Satellite Network Press Release Packet, 1986
'Art in Outerspace' Descriptioon and Artist Index,
The Zone Show Contributing Artist Index, 1986
Calle, Sophie
Bay Press Critical Texts Brochure, 1988
Bay Press 'Suite venitienne/ Please follow me' Order Form, 1988
Castelli/ Sonnabend Tapes and Films
Video and Film Distribution List 1987
The Contemporary Art Television Fund
The Boston Globe article, 'First CAT Fund tapes start unreeling tonight', November 1984
The WGBH Dial article, 'The CAT Fund: On the Cutting Edge of Video Art' November 1984
The CAT Fund Presents: Broadcast Schedule, 1985
The CAT Fund Presents: Broadcast Schedule, 1986
'The Damnation of Faust: Will-O-The Wisp (A Deceitful Goal)' Program Notes, 1985
'Irony' Program Notes, 1985
'I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like' Program Notes, 1986
'As if memories could deceive me.' Exhibition Brochure, 1986
High Performance article, 'Video and Television', 1986
AFTERIMAGE article, 'Reigning Cats', 1986
The CAT Fund Production Index, 1987
The CAT Fund Distribution Flyer, 1987
The CAT Fund: The First Five Years Catalog, 1988
ICA Internship Application,
Letter to the Field, 'Creative Time Will Not Sign NEA Grant Contracts Totaling $70, 000 for 1900 With Restrictive Langauge", 1990
National Campagin for Freedom of Expression Donation Recept, 1990
Center for New Television
Technical Facilities Rate Card, 1986
Technical Facilities Rate Card, 1987
Media Arts Facility Advertisement, 1987
'The New Media Project' Seminar Schedule, 1987
SCAN Newsletter, May/June 1987
VIDEO Workshops Schedule, Summer 1987
VIDEO Workshops Schedule, Winter/Spring 1990
VIDEO Newsletter, November/December 1990
Call for Entries: The Center for New Television Regional Fellowship Program, 1987
Call for Entries: The Center for New Television Regional Fellowship Program, 1990
Call for Entries: Retirement Research Foundation National Media Awards, 1990
Chicago International Film Festival
The 26th Chicago International Film Festival Official Regulations and Entry Forms, 1990 (2 copies)
The 26th Chicago International Film Festival Final Call For Entries, 1990
The 26th Chicago International Film Festival Schedule and Guide, 1990 (2 copies)
The Collective for Living Cinema
Programming Schedule, Winter 1990
Programming Schedule, Spring 1990
Magazine Covers published by The Collective for Living Cinema,1982-1990 Includes: 10 Years of Living Cinema, 1982; Motion Picture Vol. 1 No.2, Fall 1986; Motion Picture Vol. 1 No. 3, Winter/Spring 1987; Motion Picture Vol. 2, No. 1, Fall 1987, Motion Picture Vol. 3, No. 1-2, Winter 1989-1990
Motion Picture Vol. 3, No. 1-2, Winter 1989-1990
Complex Corporation
John Jost Film Distribution Index, 1990
'slow moves' Flyer, 1983 Includes critical reviews from the New York Times and LA Weekly.
'Speaking Directly' Flyer, 1973;On Back: 'Plain Talk and Common Senses (uncommon senses)', 1987
'Last Chants for a Slow Dance (Dead End)' Flyer, 1977; On Back: 'Chameleon', 1978
'Angel City' Flyer, 1977; On Back: 'Stagefright', 1981
'Bell Diamond' by John Jost, Folio, 1986Includes critical reviews from the Chicago Reader, Newsday, Film Comment, Bay Guardian, and Christian Science Monitor.
'Uncommon Senses' an essay by John Jost, Folio, 1987Includes critical reviews from the Chicago Reader, the New York Times, LA Weekly, City Limits London, Time Out London, Film Folio, and the Voice.
'Rembrandt Laughing' by John Jost, Folio, 1988Includes critical reviews from the Chicago Reader and the Voice.
Cornell Cinema
Membership Application, 1990
Corporation For Public Broadcasting
Edward R. Murrow Award 1990 Nomination Information, 1989
Ralph Lowell Award 1990 Nomination Information, 1989
Call For Entries: Public Radio Program Awards, 1990
Call For Entries: Public Television Local Program Awards, 1990
CPB Informative Broadcasting Catalog,1990 (photocopied)
Doris Chase Dance Series Poster,
Merce Cunningham Dance Company Press Kit, 1991. Includes Background Information, Articles, Film and Video Articles, Performance Reviews, Film and Video Repertory
Deep Dish TV
Deep Dish Directory, 1986
Advertisement Poster, 1987
Call For Tapes, 1988
Program Proposal Call, 1988
In These Times Article, 'Free Spaces', 1988
Friends of Deep Dish Newsletter, 1988
Advertisement Postcard,1988
Series Program, Fall 1990 (4 copies)
Program Proposal Call, 1990
Outweek Article 'Dish it up', 1990
Video Order form
Advertisement Brochure
Advertisement Flyer
Response Card
Digital World Conference (Distribution)
Program Information, 1990
Distribution ARK Group / New ERA Media S.F. (New Age)
ARK Group/ New Era Media (Distribution)
Catalog of Visual Music, Nature, Health, and Inspirational Videos, 1990
An Introduction to Visual Music Video Essay
New Age Retailer Article, 'New Age Visual Music Video', 1989
Billboard Magazine Article, 'Video: Inventive Couples of Sound and Vision Making Inroads at Retail', 1988
The Valley Herald Article, 'Music for the Eyes', 1990
New Age Journal Article, 'The Sight of Music', 1990
'It's in Every One of Us' by Wernher Krutein, Flyer, 1989
'Illumination' by Ken Jenkins, Flyer, 1989
'Radiance: The Experience of Light', Flyer, 1989
Distribution California Newsreel
Collision Course, booklet, 1989
Mapantsula, booklet, 1989
Black America Emerges, booklet, 1989
Distribution Criterion Collection
The Wizard of Oz postcard
Shock Corridor postcard
The Blob postcard
Videoscope postcard
Distribution - Ergo Media Video Jewish Home Entertainment (NJ)
A World of Jewish Home Entertainment, Catalog, 1990
Distribution - Direct Cinema Limited L.A.
Films and Video Catalog
Distribution - First Run / Icarus Films (NY)
Catalog of Films
Catalog Supplement, 1990
Distribution - Home Vision
British Video Update, brochure,
Catalog, 1987/1988
Distribution - Merrimack Films (MA) (Labor Relations and Economics)
Order Form, 1990
Brochure, 1990
Company Bios, 1990
Distribution - Modern Visual Communications (MVC) CA
Index of Videos, 1988
Distribution - Modern Talking Picture Services NJ
Catalog of Videos, 1987
Distribution - MPI Home Video (Illinois)
'The Fabulous 60's' brochure and order form, 1989
Distribution - Mystic Fire Video
'Ring of Fire' Flyer
'On The Bowery', Flyer
'Dog Star Man', Flyer
'Fried Shoes, Cooked Diamonds', Flyer
'A Gathering of Men', Flyer
'World of Ideas', Flyer
Catalog One, August 1986
Catalog Two,
Catalog Three, 1990
Video Article, 'Small Labels Mine Avant-Garde Diamonds', May 1987
Distribution - National Video Corporation (NVC) NY
NVC Arts International Complete New Listing, catalog, 1986/1987
NVC Arts International Supplement, Spring 1987
Distribution - Target Video S.F.
Video Catalog
Vidiots (Distribution) Santa Monica, CA
Video Index, 1987
Distribution - Voyager Company
Order Form, April 1989
Order Form, July 1989
Order Form, March 1990
Zulu, postcard
World Artists Video - Distribution
Video Index,
Distribution - Misc. Fusion Video
Video Index,
Catalog, 1988/1989
Documentary (general)
P.O.V. Season 3 Call for Entires, 1989
Documentary - International Documentary Association (IDA)
IDA Awards Documentary Competition, 1990
Documentary Video (LBMA)
Retrospective of Documentary Video Catalog, Long Beach Museum of Art, 1985
Downtown Community Television Center, NY
Scan Lines Calendar, May 1990
Scan Lines Calendar, June 1990
Scan Lines Calendar, Summer 1990
Scan Lines Calendar, September 1990
Scan Lines Calendar, October 1990
DCTV Information Flyer, 1990
DCTV Panel Discussion Flyer, 1990
Lookout Lesbian and Gay Video Festival Entry Form, 1990
'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' Screening Schedule, 1990
Annual Video Festival Entry Form, 1990
Open Dialogue on Media Flyer, 1990
Call to protest Arts Censorship, 1990
Catalog, 1990
Educators for Social Responsibility
ESR Brochure
Summer Institutes for Educators Pamphlet, 1989
Donation Mailer, 1989
Donation Mailer, 1990
Forum Newsletter, Fall 1989
Publications Catalog, 1989
Publications Order Form, 1989
Electronic Arts Intermix
Videotapes Index
Videotapes Index, March1990
Videotapes Index
Distribution Service Catalog, 1985
Order Form, 1989
Everson Museum of Art (3 Folders)
Index of Literature
Jeff Perrone, "Ins and Ours of Video Artforum", photocopied article
Barbara London, " Independent Video: The First Fifteen Years", photocopied article
Jonathan Price, "Video Art: A medium discovering itself", photocopied article
"Man Ray, Do You Want to..", photocopied article
"Chase Show Features Seattle Premiere of Video Work", photocopied article
"See It Better", photocopied article
Bruce Kurtz, "Popular Art and Fine Art", photocopied article
Bruce Kurtz, "Artist's Video at the Crossroads", photocopied article
"Joanne Kelly: Synthesizing Dance and Video", photocopied article
Russell Connor, " The Video Window of Davidson Gigliotti", photocopied article
Eric Cameron, "The Grammar of the Video Image", photocopied article, (2 copies)
Electronic Arts Intermix Video Index Update, 1980
Index of Art and Artists from the Video Data Bank
Letter from Howard Wise, President of Electronic Arts Intermix
General Exhibition List 1969- 1974
Video Collection Index I
Video Collection Index II
Exercise Videos
The Complete Guide To Exercise Videos, Vol. 1, 1990
The Complete Guide To Exercise Videos, Post-Holiday Edition, 1990
The Complete Guide To Exercise Videos, Pre-Swimsuit Edition, 1990
The Complete Guide To Exercise Videos, Fall Edition, 1990
Experimental Television Center
Exhibition and Residency Information
EZTV Brochure, 1983
Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Communication
Order Form, 1990
Feminisim- "What Does She Want?"
Video Data Bank Video Collection Brochure
Feminism- Lyn Blumenthal
Exhibition Catalog, 'Force of Vision', 1989
Feminism Graduate Student Conference
1989 Conference Schedule
Abstracts of Papers for Discussion, 1989
Slide Presentation Comments and Criticisms, 1989
Festival - New Angle International Video Fest. NY
Entry application, New Angle International Video Festival, 1990
Festivals - Misc.
"Video Shorts 9," program and guide to premiere showing, Seattle, WA, 1990
"30th American Film and Video Festival," NY, registration form and information, 1988
"Thomas A. Edison Black Maria Film and Video Festival," information and call for entries, 1988-1989
The 10th Annual Edison Black Maria Film and Video Festival," information and call for entries, 1990
Film Arts Foundation (FAF) and festival notes (ind. Film and videomakers, No-Calif)
"Film Arts Foundation: The Northern California Organization of Independent Film and Videomakers," informational brochure with membership application
"Release Print," Film Arts Foundation newsletter, Vol. 8 no. 8, October 1990
"The 6th Annual Film Arts Festival," program and schedule, 19901990
Film/Video Arts, Inc. NY
"Intermediary: A Quarterly newsletter for members of Film/Video Arts," Vol. 7 no. 1, Fall 1990
Information about Electronic Arts Grants Programs
Catalog of courses and workshops, Autumn 1990
Informational brochure about membership and services
Includes original mailing envelope and note to Zalis from David Barker
Footage 89
Promotional brochure with order reply card, 3 copies
Festival - Frameline, S.F.
"Frameline Presents," list of feature releases for 1990
List of available titles
List of new titles in 1990
Includes business card and letter to Zalis from distribution manager Mark Finch
Franklin Furnace, N.Y.
3 Postcards advertising exhibitions 1988
"Products and Promotion" press release, 1987
"The New York FLUE" newsletter, Fall 1987
Promotional flyer for Greeley Matt exhibit, 1988
"The New York FLUE" newsletter, Fall 1987
Promotional flyer for Billy Curmano performance, 1988
Poster for Teenytown, performance by Laurie Carlos, Jessical Hagedorn,Robbie McCauley
"International FF Flue," newsletter, 1988
Invitation to Duchamp anniversary benefit, "The Avant-Garde Breaks into Midtown," Includes original mailing envelope and RSVP card.1987
Receipt for back issues of "FF Flue" newsletter, 1987
Catalog of publications, 1977-1986
Poster/newsletter with general museum information and event schedules
Fulbright Fellowships
1991-1992 information packet, including information about UK film/television exchange fellowship
Gallery - Ronald Feldman Fine Art, Inc. NY
Letter to Zalis fromNadia Czap, librarian
List of videos by current and former gallery artists1990
Detailed CVs of artists Ida Applebroog, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Hanna Wilke. 3 separate packets; includes bibliographies and exhibition histories.
Global Village, NY
"Global Village Video Study Center," informational newletter and course catalogue, 1987
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center and Tonantzin Newsletter San Antonio, TX (Chicano Arts)
"Guadalupe Theater CineFestival" call for entries, 1990
"Tonantzin," newsletter for Chicano Arts in San Antonio, November 1987; special issue and festival program for "CineFestival Doce: The Twelfth Edition of North America's Oldest and Largest Latino Film and Video Exhibition"1987
"Tonantzin," newsletter for Chicano Arts in San Antonio, November 1988; special issue and festival program for 13th annual CineFestival 1988
Letter from Cindy Rios, CineFestival assistant director, regarding festival entry application terms, 1990. Includes original mailing envelope.1990
83 Hallwalls (Austrian Collaboration) 7/90
Poster and schedule for Stadtwerkstatt-TV special broadcasts on Buffalo Public Access Cable TV, 1990
Press release regarding broadcasts
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center Buffalo (Newsletters)
"Labor Intensive," poster advertising "a series of videotapes and films examining social constructions and conditions of work"
Newsletter, September-October 1990
Newsletter, November 1990
Newsletter, May 1990
Newsletter, March 1990
Postcards advertising exhibitions by Ericka Beckman, John Jesurun, Barbara Bloom. Includes original mailing envelope.
Newsletter, May 1988
Newsletter, January-February 1989
Newsletter, November-December 1988
Newsletter, March 1989
Newsletter, April 1989
Newsletter, September-October 1988
Newsletter, January-February 1990
Newsletter, April 1990
Newsletter, November-December 1989
Newsletter, February 1989
Newsletter, May-June-July 1989, includes notes by Zalis
Newsletter, January 1988
Newsletter, September 1987
Mailing list information update card, 1990
Hallwalls (Background)
Newsletter, December 1986
Information sheet on SF Camerwork membership, 1986
Newsletter, March 1987
Newsletter, May-June 1987
Newsletter, September 1987
Newsletter, April 1988
Letter to Zalis from Chris Hill, January 9, 1987
Letter to Zalis from Edmund Cardoni, January 8, 1988
Packet of photocopied articles featuring Hallwalls
Information on exhibit, "Distant Airwaves: New Television from Europe," May 1987. Curated by Barbara Osborn
"Reckoning with Retooling: Video Artists' Relationship(s) with their Instruments, 1970's and 80's," information on exhibition, March-April 1986
"Site-ing the Almighty: Religion and Media," information on media program September-October 1986
"Dyslexic Verdicts," information on Anthology Video Program, May 1986
"A Public Agenda: Priorities, Properties, and Improprieties," information on exhibit, January 1985
"The Medicine Show" information on exhibit at Hallwalls and The Kitchen, 1986/1987
"Floating Values: A Survey of Gendered Investigations," description of tapes in exhibit,1987. Includes promotional postcard.
"Floating Values: A Survey of Gendered Investigations," photocopied program, 1987
Postcard advertising exhibit and artist's talk by Mike Glier, 1988
Hallwalls (feminism and surveillance)
Zalis' notes on video artists working with themes of feminism and surveillance
Press release on exhibition curated by Chris Hill, "Feeling the Faults: Confronting Dis-ease through the mediated body"
"Lattanzi's Latest: An Attentional Waveform," Chris Hill, The Squealer. Includes notes on the artist.
"The Medicine Show" information on exhibit at Hallwalls and The Kitchen, 1986/1987
"Floating Values: A Survey of Gendered Investigations," photocopied program, 1987
"The Politics and Poetics of Feminism, Sexuality, and Reproductive Freedom," poster advertising a program of video and film, September-November 1989
"Family Extensions: Romance, Illness, and the Economy," photocopied program for exhibition, November-December 1987
"Video Witness Festival of New Journalism," poster and calendar, February 1990 (2 copies)
Hampshire College, Amherst, MA
Spring 1989 Course Guide
Hawaii International Film Festival
Information packet including submission application and 1989 festival programs / schedules. Includes original mailing envelope.
Heritage Cable (Public Access)
Flowcharts and checklists for script development process, treatment for a story
Heritage Cable (Public Access)
Flowcharts and checklists for script development process, treatment for a story
Kathy High--videomaker, journal editor
"Feeling the Faults: Confronting dis-ease throught the mediated body," program newsletter and schedule
Media Matters Vol. 8 no. 5, September-October 1990
High Performance
Subscription information and renewal form. Include original mailing envelope
"The Holo-Gram," First-Half, 1989
"The Holo-Gram," Second-Half, 1989Includes letter from editor Frank DeFreitas and original mailing envelope.
Information on holographic plates, Towne Laboratories Inc. Includes sales engineer business card and original mailing envelope. 1989
Postcard advertising event "Equus / Underwater," by Nancy Gorglione and Greg Cherry, Museum of Holography, Chicago, 1989
Mark V. Ziesing newsletter No. 82, August 1989
Ziesing newsletter No. 79
Ziesing newsletter No. 81, June 1989
Ziesing newsletter No. 83
Mark V. Ziesing book catalog and newsletter No. 84
One page from Vol. 5 no. 2, January 1989
How(ever) journal
"How(ever)" Vol. 6 no. 1, January 1990
Image Film/Video Center, Atlanta
"Image - news about independent film and video," newsletter, April 1987
Institute for Media Analysis (IMA)
"Friends of IMA: Post=Conference News from the Institute for Media Analysis, Inc.," newsletter, February 1989
"Packaging the Contras: A Case of CIA disinformation," by Edgar Chamorro, Institute for Media Analysis, Inc. Monograph Series No. 2, 1987. Includes original mailing envelope.
International Television Association (ITVA)
"ITVA Chicago Chapter News," newsletter, May 1990. Includes original mailing envelope with membership information and application.
"The 8th Annual Golden Slate Awards, 1989" event invitation.
Letter from Eric Silverstein, membership coordinator, December 1988
Membership information pamphlet
Mailing envelope, December 1988, with Zalis' scribbles
Promotional postcard and invitation to "There is more to this than meets the mind," video and performance art event, 1989
"Entry kit, 23rd Annual ITVA Video Festival," 1990
International Television Association informational pamphlet
Intermedia Arts Minnesota
"The Techno'Logical Imagination: Machines in the Garden of Art," symposium program, November 1989
Promotional postcard for video release by Deb Wallwork
"Intermedia Arts Minnesota," newsletter, Vol. 17 no. 3, Spring 1990(2 copies), includes listing of Film in the Cities and Intermedia Arts Minnesota listing of courses, Winter quarter 1988-1989
"Intermedia Arts Minnesota," newsletter, Vol. 16 no. 2, Winter 1989(2 copies)
"Intermedia Arts Minnesota," newsletter, Vol. 17 no. 1, Fall 1989
Informational brochure, includes donation information and form, three versions, dates uncertain
"Changing Channels," Spring schedule UC Video, April-June 1987
UC Video, packet of information about services, collaboration, organization mission, equipment rental
Letter to Zalis from Al Kosters, director of artist programs, August 23, 1989
Video catalog, date uncertain
Iowa Artists
Promotional card and invitation, "Moment of Silence," by Toma Longinovic, event hosted by Iowa International Writing Program, date uncertain
"Crossing Over: Video, Criticism, Theory," symposium program, 1988
"The Landing Party," party invitation
"Choice," photocopied book of photographs of a women's march in Washington, DC. Photos by Normal, autographed to Zalis by the artist.
Booklet of writings by Bonnie Sparling and Rita ResPense
"5 from the vault, Volume 1 - the Iowa Collection," photocopied program for video series, 1988
"Vampire of the Banalities," Matthew Wills, photocopied book review
Computer images, 2 pages
Letter regarding Laurie Anderson performance at Hancher Auditorium, February 9, 1990
Newspaper article regarding "Poetry TV," March 9, 1990
Postcard to Zalis
"Fax Art: Its History and Applications," poster for lecture by Harry Heyink, November 1990
Journals - Misc
Subscription information for Third Text, date uncertain
MIT Press Journals, catalog 1988
Johns Hopkins University Press, Journals, 1988
Mailing envelope from Aperture, contents uncertain, July 1990
Poster advertising Routledge Book Week, date uncertain
"Strategies: A Journal of theory, culture and politics," Call for Papers on the topic of "Marx after Elvis: The Politics of Popular Culture," 1990
"Strategies: A Journal of theory, culture and politics," subscription and ordering information. Includes original mailing envelope, June 1990
"Architecture Art Design," book catalog, MIT press, 1988. Includes note on available titles not included in catalog.
Kansas City Art Institute
Packet of information on "The Elegant Merging," 1988 exhibit. Includes exhibition information from Utah Media Arts Center, Salt Lake Art Center, and Kansas City Art Institute
Packet of information on "The Elegant Merging," including press release from Kansas City Art Institute and 8 photographic slides of exhibit
Mary Kelly (Interim, LBMA and New Museum, NY)
Letter to Zalis regarding Kelley's "Interim," from Abigail Smith, Assistant Administrator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, 20 March 1990
Program for symposium "Subjects of History," held in connection with "Interim" exhibition at the New Museum, March 10, 1990
Program for "Interim Part I: Corpus," at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
The Kitchen: Center for Video, Music Dance, Performance & Film, NY
'The Kitchen Video Distribution Program New Acquisitions'
'Video Distribution Price list,' '88-'89
'The Kitchen Video Distribution Title List,' March, 1989
'The Kitchen' publication, no date
Folder of assorted news publications
Lookout Lesbian and Gay Video Festival '90, Toronto
'Lookout Lesbian and Gay Video Festival '90', Program with contact info
Festival Program
Festival Poster
Long Beach Museum of Art, CA
Relyea, Lane. Remembrances of Things Past: collected writings and exhibition catalogue , Long Beach Museum of Art 1986. Curator: Connie Fitzsimons
2x- 'Planes of Memory' Catalogue, Curated by Jacqueline Kain, 1988
'Shirley Clarke in Retrospect: selected video and film 1953-1958'. 1987
Art rental/ sales gallery publication. 'Introductions: 1989-1990'
'Open Channels' Publications, II, IV
'Video: 1984' Publication
1989 Television Production Grant Program application and information
Long Beach Museum of Art Cable Programming Schedule, no date
Various press releases
LBMA Video Newsletter, Spring 1987
'Comment' publication, 1983
2 postcards
Museum membership application
Long Beach Museum of Art, CA
LBMA Video folder, various museum handouts and publications
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)
2 newsprint publications, 1987
Los Angeles Festival
Program and ticket information
'Hungers,' Ed Emshwiller & Morton Subotnick, Bio/statement, 1987
Los Angeles Arts - Fringe Festival
Fringe news publications and reviews from: Los Angeles Times, L.A. Downtown News, and L.A. Weekly
Fringe Festival catalogue, Los Angeles, 1988
MacArthur Library John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Macarthur public library video collection catalogue
'Video Classics' Publication
Macintosh - Superpaint manual
MacPaint Manual
Mail Art
Various mail art projects including: 'Schism #15', ed. Janet Janet 'Ready Mail', Pascal Lenoir Mutant Musick Distribution, 1987, Berlin. Arte Postale!, Italy Constrictor Magazines, Italy Rutkovsky, Paul. Postcard Gunderloy, Michael, Rensselaer, NY. Anti-authoritarians Anonymous- Various Posters. Eugene, Oregon. Luna Bisonte Prods, Catalog No. 12, 1987 Galantai- Artpool Budapest, Hungary
Victor Mosayesva, Jr., Videomaker
(see Intermedia Arts Catalog and Native American Video) (empty folder)
Media Alliance, NY
Media Matters Newsletters: Vol.8, No.3 1990. Vol.7, No.1 1989, Vol. 8, No.6 1990.
Guidelines and Policies
Media Alliance/ New York, Directory of Members 1990
Media Network: Alternative Media Information Center, NY
Information and ordering information
Metropolitan Museum of Art / J. Paul Getty Trust: Program for Art on Film
Program for Art on Film information/ press release
Films on Art Bibliography
Miami Design Preservation League
'Art Deco' pamphlet
Miami - Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts
The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts , Fall 1988. Ed. Pamela Johnson
Miller, Branda, videomaker and curator
'Surveillance: An Exhibition of Video, Photography, Installations' catalogue' photocopy, 1987. Cur. Branda Miller: video, installations, Deborah Irmas: Photography.
Millennium Film Workshop, Inc. NY
25th Anniversary: Fall Series 1990 Programs
Miscellaneous pamphlets and papers
MTV Networks
Various MTV Networks press releases (~1979-1985) including MTV, Nickelodeon, 'Remote Control', and 'Double Dare'
Various articles about MTV Networks
Black and white glossy photograph from 'Remote Control'
8th Biennial John Muir Medical Film Festival, Walnut Creek, CA- 1990
Competition fact sheet
Call for entries publication
Catalog of entries
Museum of the American Indian Film and Video Center, NY
Informational pamphlet
'Amazon Week, Reflecting on the Brazilian Rainforest: a dialogue with the insiders' poster, 1990
Museum of Broadcast Communications at River City, Chicago
Long Beach Museum of Art, CA
Museum of Broadcasting, NY
Screening schedules- 1989
Profile publication
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
2 Mailings with 'Contemporary Art Store' posters
Museum of Modern Art, NY
"From Sound Stage To Strong, Silent Museum," The New York Times, 1989
'Television by Godard Mieville,' pamphlet, Dist by Electronic Arts Intermix, no date.
Video Supplement: 1985 Circulating Video Library
'Video at the Museum of Modern Art' Press release, no date
'Video and Language,' Barbara London. 1989 press release and schedule.
'Selections from the Video Study Collection: 1968-97.' 1987 press release.
Circulating Film Library, film descriptions
'New Video: Japan' poster, 1986
'Readings on Video: a resource list" 1987
'VIDEO: Video for Libraries and Media Centers'
'New Video: Japan' catalogue publication, 1985
Museum of the Moving Image, Queens, NY
National Alliance of Media Arts Centers (NAMAC)- 1990 Member Directory
MAIN (Media Arts Information Network) Travel Sheet, September 1990
1990 Member Directory
National Alliance of Media Arts (NAMAC)- Newsletters, Media Arts
'The Unblinking Eye: Effecting Change in the 90s' 10th Anniversary Conference, 1990. Schedule and postcard.
'NAMAC Memo to the Field: Final Chance to Save the NEA,' no date.
'MEDIA ARTS' Spring/Summer 1990. Volume 2, Issue 7.
'MEDIA ARTS' Winter/Spring 1990. Vol 2, Issues 5 and 6.
'MEDIA ARTS' Summer/Fall 1987. Vol.2 Issue 3.
'MEDIA ARTS' Spring/Summer 1989, Vol. 2, Issue 4.
July 16, 1990 Press release
Membership application
48 National Cable Network Directory (Natl. Cable TV Assoc.) D.C.
National Cable Network Directory. March/April 1989
National Center for Film and Video Preservation 1989 (F/TAAC Clippings Packets)
Report on the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Advisory committee meeting on the Preservation of Video Recordings, July 1987
'Preservation, Deterioration and Restoration of Recording Tape' Steven Smolian, 1988. "Audio Preservation: A Planning Study" submission to the ARSC Journal for publication, 9/88
'Maximizing the Life of your Videocassette Tape' Jim Wheeler, Apr 11, 1985. 6 photocopied articles on preservation of tape and video
NARA Advisory Committee on Preservation Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Preservation of Video Recordings, July 28-29, Washington D.C. photocopied minutes.
National Center for Film and Video Preservation F/TAAC - Fall 1990 Newsletter and Clippings
F/TAAC Newsletter, Vol.3 No.2 (Issue No. 10), Fall 1990
Fall 1990 clippings packet with index
National Center for Film and Video Preservation F/TAAC 1989
Spring 1990 Clippings Packet with Index
Summer 1990 Clippings Packet with Index Part 1
Summer 1990 Clippings Packet with Index Part 2
F/TAAC Newsletter, Vol. 3 No.1 (Issue No. 9)
F/TAAC Newsletter, Vol. 2 No.3 (Issue No. 7)
F/TAAC Newsletter, Vol. 2 No.4 (Issue No. 8)
National Center for Film and Video Preservation (F/TAAC Newsletters and Clippings) 1989
F/TAAC Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 2 (Issue No. 6)
FAAC/TAAC description and advisory committee membership list
Fall 19891989 Clippings Packet and Index
Summer 19891989 Clippings Packet and Index
National Center for Film and Video Preservation F/TAAC (AFI, L.A.) 1989
F/TAAC Advisory Committee Meeting , Miami, FL 1989 Information
AMIA Clippings Packet (Fall 1991-Winter 1992)
AMIA Newsletter, Fall 1991/Winter 1992
National Educational Film and Video Festival 1990, Oakland, Cali.
20th Anniversary Publication
1989 Catalog
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)
"Guide to the National Endowment for the Arts," April 1987
National Federation of Local Cable Programmers (NFLCP)
Membership promotional brochures
Publications and Videotapes list
Photocopied News articles
NFLCP Advocate 1990 National Convention informational/entry packet
13th Annual Hometown USA Video Festival, 1990 information and entry form
National Geographic Video
Small video catalog, 1987
National Sound and Communications Association
'Electronic Contracting' Newsletter, February/March, 1990
Unopened envelope from NSCA
National Video Resources (NVR) (non-profit resource center)
'News from NVR', 1990
'NVR Reports', Issue # 1, Fall 1990
Native American Video
See also Victor Masayesva, Jr.

"Afterimage", Volume 17 Number 6, January 1990
Nebraska Videodisc Design / Production Group
Informational packet
Symposium Publication: "A Decade of Development" May 21-24, 1990
New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY
Tenth Anniversary Publication, 1977-1987
The New Museum of Contemporary Art Publications List, July 1987
"Stay Tuned" exhibition catalog, cur. Ned Rifkin. 1987
New Museum Zalis Invoice, July 22, 1997
New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC)
New York Expo of Short Film and Video
1990 Program
New York Expo of Short Film and Video
New York Video- Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club
Membership Agreement, 1987
June 25,1987 Press release
M/W/F Catalog with prices
The 90's (Chicago)
'The 90's' Newsletter, Summer/Fall 1990
Center for New Television course list
"The 90's" Series press release, November 5, 1989
'The 90's' Program Summaries
Video catalog
Niteclub Video S.F.
Publication and listing
Olander, William (critic, curator)
Art & Social Change, U.S.A. Oberlin College Bulletin Volume XL, Number 2, 1982-1983
Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley
January 1989 Calendar
Tribute to Italian actress Anna Magnani program
Oregon Art Institute - Northwest Film and Video Festival Portland
Festival Poster, November 1988
'Film' May/June 1990
Festival Poster, 1990
'Film' Dec/Jan/Feb 1990
1990 Festival Program
Oregon Art Institute - Northwest Film and Video Festival II
1990 Festival schedule
'Film' March/April 1990
'Film' Dec/Jan/Feb 1990
'Film' Summer 1989
'Film' Jan/Feb 1989
'Film' Sep/Oct/Nov 1989
'Film' Spring 1988
'Film' Fall 1987
'Film' Summer 1987
1988Festival schedule
'Animator' Number 42, Winter 1988
'Animator' Number 39, Fall 1986
'Animator' Number 40, Spring 1987
'Animator' Number 41, Fall 1987
Oryx Press
Catalog of publications, 1986-1987
Pacific Arts Video
Promotional posters
Paper Tiger Television
"Paper Tiger Television" DeeDee Halleck
Publication, 1987
Pittsburgh Filmmakers: The Media Arts Center
Promotional pamphlets
Class schedule, Fall 1990
Political Video - New Journalism
'Video Witnesses: Festival of New Journalism' Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, 1990
'A Tool, A Weapon, A Witness: The New Video News Crews' Organized by Mindy Faber, Randolph Street Gallery , Chicago 1990
Video Witnesses Festival schedule
Video Witnesses Poster, 1990
Public Television (Iowa)
Membership donation envelope
"Sizzlin' Series," photocopied article from Advance, July 1990 (4-5)
"Summer Variety," photocopied article from Advance, June 1990 (6-7)
"July Program Schedule," photocopied from Advance, July 1990 (11)
Advance August 1990 (Iowa Public Television newsletter)
Public Access TV - general
Note from Mary Avalon, project coordinator, Rose City Community Television
Studio, Portland Oregon
Public Television - WGBH (Boston) The American Experience
Submission guidelines for programs or proposals for The American Experience, 1990
Public Television - Thirteen / WNET
Independent Focus '91 call for entries, 1991
Punk Video - general
Catalog of titles and merchandise. One page.
Publishers (Books)
"Culture, Media, Film," Publisher catalog, Routledge, 1990
"Wireless," public radio gift catalog, Fall/Winter 1990
"New Dimensions Radio," newsletter, catalog, and donation envelope, 1988
"The NPR Cassette Catalog," 1988
National Public Radio newsletter and catalog, date uncertain.
Radio Pacifica Radio Archive
"Pacifica Radio Archive Cassette Catalogue," 1987
Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago P-Form
"P-Form: Performance Art News," Vol. 2, no. 3, Summer 1987
Letter from Dani Kopoulos, the Randolph St. Gallery, 1987
"Visual Narrative / New Chicago Video," exhibition review, Jamirte Trott, photocopied from P-Form, 1987
P-Form Calendar, and "HEAT and WATER," poem by Matthew Buckingham. One page, 2-sided page.
Rankin, Scott
Notes from Scott Rankin, August1986, Iowa City
"Video and Language Video as Langauge," gallery guide from exhibit at LACE, curated by Scott Rankin. 2 copies.
Rochester Institute of Technology, American Video Institute
"RIT The American Video Institute and Rochester Institute of Technology," promotional pamphlet, 1986
Packet of articles involving the AVI, 9 pp. photocopied
"News from Philosophical Library," advertisement for Communicaiton: The Living End , by John A. Ciampa
Photocopied information packet: "History of AVI," 6 pp.
Rocky Mountain Film Center
Informational pamphlet and course listings, 1990
Rubnitz, Tom --videomaker
"Filming for a Different Drummer," article by Hilton Als, LIFE, source unknown.
SF Camerawork, San Francisco
SF Camerawork Gallery exhibition announcement, Sylvia Plachey and Michael Spano, 1987-1988
Postcard announcement of exhibition, James D. Phelan Art Award in Photography, 1987-1988, winners Shari Lamanet, Reagan Louie, Adrienne Salinger.
San Francisco Cinematheque
Packet of information, including note from Michelle Sabol, exhibition assistant, invoice, Summer 1990 calendar and newsletter, mission statement, and press release.
"Program Notes and Index," 1989
"San Francisco Cinematheque 1990 Program Notes"
San Francisco International Film Festival
Note from Brian Gordon, competition coordinator, 1990
San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Awards entry form, 1990
"33rd San Francisco International Film Festival" program guide, 1990 (2 copies)
San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Awards entry form, 1991
San Francisco International Video Festival
Press release regarding juried selection and winners of the 1986 San Francisco International Video Festival. 4 pages.
Santa Cruz, UC - Video Program
"Perspective: University of California Extension, Santa Cruz," program description and course catalog, Fall 1990
"University of California Extension Media Center Film and Video Catalog, 1989
"The Video Arts," University of California Extension, Santa Cruz, program description, Summer 1990
Satellite Communications for Learning (SCOLA) Omaha, Nebraska
SCOLA information brochure
"SCOLA Global" newsletter, May 1988
Packet of photocopied articles about satellite broadcasting and communications (19pp, some double-sided)
SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics)
"The Pioneers Return to Dallas: SIGGRAPH 1990" advance program for the 17th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. 1990
Society for Cinema Studies (SCS)
"Society for Cinema Studies Annual Conference - 1989" Conference program with E. Zalis' notes.
1989Conference schedules with E. Zalis' notes (10pp, double-spaced)
Attendee information packet for 1989 SCS conference, including schedules, dining guides, member directory, maps, and participant survey.
Society of American Archivists (Chicago)
SAA member information and staff guide, 1990
SAA book catalog and member application form, Fall 1989
Southwest Alternative Media Project Houston, TX
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Fall 1990
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Summer 1990
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Winter 1989
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Spring 1990
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Summer 1989
"Southwest Alternative Media Project Media Bulletin" newsletter, Fall 1989
"Independent Image III: A Conference Promoting the Art and Business of Feature Filmmaking in the Southwest and Mid-American Region," conference information and registration brochure, 1989
Syracuse LAMP
"Lamp '86," Light Audio Media Programs, journal, 1986
Packet of bibliographies with notes video screenings and publications, sent to Zalis by John Orentlicher
Rea Tajiri (videomaker and curator)
Letter to Zalis from Tej Hazarika, Asian Cinevision, May 31, 1990
Program for the Seventh Annual Asian American International Video Festival, 1989
Program for the Eighth Annual Asian American International Video Festival, 1990
Tanam Press
Book catalog
Leslie Thornton, videomaker, filmmaker, instructor, distributor
Essay by Thornton on video artwork "Peggy and Fred in Hell," 8 pp "New Distributor Embraces the Avant-Garde," brief article in The Independent , April 1990, photocopy.
Truck, Fred
empty folder
Twin Peaks (TV)
TV listing showing channels and episode description for Twin Peaks
UCLA Film and Television Archive
"Archive," newsletter and calendar of the UCLA film and television archive. November / December 1990
Promotional flyer for premiere screening of restored version of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis."
UCLA Film and Television Archive Calendar, September-November, 1990
University of Iowa Library
Letter to Zalis from Cathy Larsen regarding video artworks available in the University of Iowa library system. Includes a list of titles and handwritten note from the librarian.
USA Film Festival, Dallas
Participant information folder, including two festival programs, list of winners, schedule, and program for KidFilm festival. 1989
Verbun (Magazine - Computer graphics)
Verbun 4.1 (Winter/Spring 1990). Computer art magazine. Promotional copy. Includes promotional letter from publisher.
Video and the Arts, S.F.
Video and the Arts no. 11, Winter 1986
Video Data Bank, Chicago
"Video Drive-In Press Package," including summer program guides, 1990
"Video Data Bank Listings Supplement," 1988/1989Includes Zalis' notes.
"Video Data Bank Listings Supplement," 1988Includes Zalis' notes.
"What Does She Want," guide to programmed series of video artworks about gender
Information and correspondence with the Video Data Bank, including letter to Zalis from Maria Benfield.
Video Free America
"Video Free America Retrospective," essay by Christine Tamblyn Packet of photocopied articles and readings on video art
Vintage TV
Information about available series, 2 pages double-sided
Catalog of available series
"The TV Collector," vol. 2 no. 41 (March/April 1989) Newsletter/zine
"Big Reel" No. 178, March 15, 1989, tabloid newsletter. Includes original mailing envelope.
"Video Yesteryear," Supplement no. 42R. Includes mailing envelope and postcard from Zalis. 1989
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
"Viewpoints," guide to exhibit by Mary Lucier and Paul Kos, 1987. Includes general visitors guide to the center and catalog of available postcards, notecards, prints
Washington Project for the Arts (WPA)
Informational and promotional pamphlets, including information about specific exhibitions and general information about the program
"The Tell-Tale Heart," catalog for exhibit of artists Ken Little, James Luna, Judy Southerland, Pat Ward Williams, curated by Mel Watkin. 1990
"War and Memory in the Aftermath of Vietnam," catalog for multidisciplinary exhibit, 1987
WGBH New Television Workshop Boston
Informational packet outlining history of organization. Includes Zalis' notes.
Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
"American Federation of Arts" film program, 1981
List of available publications and table of mail order charges, 1989 (2 pp, includes original mailing envelope)
Rockefeller Foundation Scholars-in-Residence Program Information packet and application forms, 1988
Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research (U. Wisc., Madison)
Informational brochure and list of available feature films
Women Make Movies, NY
"News from Women Make Movies," newsletter, 1990
Letter to Zalis from Robin Vachal, distribution assistant, regarding research materials, December 20, 1989
Letter to Zalis from Shawn Atkins, Intern, regarding loan of videotapes, 28 September, 1990
Woman's Building L.A.
Calendar and course catalog
Basic information about the Women's Building and call for video programming
Zone Books
Zone Books publisher catalog, Fall 1988
Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago
"Lasting Evidence," program for Women in the Director's Chair 7th Annual Women's Film and Video Conference, 1988
"Lasting Evidence," calendar and program for Women in the Director's Chair 7th Annual Women's Film and Video Festival, 1988
"Risk," program for Women in the Director's Chair 8th Annual Women's Film and Video Conference, 1989
"Risk," calendar and program for Women in the Director's Chair 8th Annual Women's Film and Video Festival, 1989
10th Annual Women's Film and Video Festival call for entries, 1990
Information packet for Women in the Director's Chair, including membership information and application forms, international video conversion standards chart, programs for "Risk" (1989) and "All the Angles" (1990), Women's International Film and Video Festivals, and note to Zalis dated 5/21/1990. Includes original mailing envelope.
Note from Inez Wehrli, director, the International Television Association, with Zalis' notes on reverse side
Note to Zalis from Gretchen Elsner Sommer regarding research information, dated March 31, 1989
Video Theory
Packet of articles and readings assembled by Zalis. Includes Afterimage, December 1991, multiple photocopies of articles on video and television theory, bibliographical notes from Robert H, Demig "Kate and Allie"