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Because of the size of this collection, the guide is broken up into several different pages. Each page is then further separated into different series. The majority of the sereis titles come from titles given by the Amsterdam News.

Main Guide Content Listing

Series A. Main photo sequence
The main alphabetic sequence of prints containing material from 1920-2012 with the bulk being 1944-1996.

Subject files A
Subject files B
Subject files C
Subject files D
Subject files E
Subject files F
Subject files G
Subject files H
Subject files I
Subject files J
Subject files K
Subject files L
Subject files M
Subject files N
Subject files O
Subject files P
Subject files Q
Subject files R
Subject files S
Subject files T
Subject files U
Subject files V
Subject files W
Subject files X
Subject files Y
Subject files Z

Series B. Inactive File
File of inactive, defunct, or deceased individuals and organizations. Bulk material dates from before 1980.

Series C. Presorted Photos
A roughly sorted series of photos.

Series D. Semi Alphabetized Photos
A second roughly sorted series of photos. Most date from 1980-1999.

Series E. Dated Folders
Photos from the 1990s sorted by date.

Series F. Sports Photos
Mostly promotional photos from sports teams.

Series G. Contemporary File
An alphabetic sequence of photos primarily from 1988-2000, but with some older material.

Series H. Transfer File
An alphabetic sequence of topical files with bulk material dates from the 1960s-1970s.

Series I. Dead Photo File
Photos from the 2000s organized by date of their publication in the Amsterdam News.

Series J. Loose Unsorted Items
Unsorted items found in various locations around the Amsterdam News office.

Series MT. Mel Tapley Collection
The personal archive of Mel Tapley, who began working at the Amsterdam News in 1942 and served as the entertainment editor until 1997. Includes a wide variety of ephemera, artwork, manuscript and typescript material, and correspondence.

Miscellaneous Mailings and Press Files
Mel Tapley Artwork
Unsorted Photos
Press Mailings
Books and Booklets
Press Kits
Press Releases
Oversize and Fax Press Releases
Periodicals, Newspapers, Magazines
Audio and Visual Media