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Record of Baptisms (Item 2)
Pages 5
Name of subscribers who contributed towards the purchase of this volume.

Pages 6-15
July 1859 - August 1869. Contains name, date of birth, residence, officiating minister, witnesses. (Shows large numbers of baptisms at some dates, possibly indicating revivals).

Pages 54-65
Marriages, October 1860 - Lists date, name of parties, residence, place of marriage, officiating minister, and witnesses.

Pages 86-101
Record for Probationers February 1861-1870 lists date, name, condition, residence, class leader, and remarks. (Illegible in places).

Pages 102-123
July 1870 list of members with residences and remarks.

Pages 130-137
August 12, 1877 list of members with residence and remarks, class leader.

Pages 138-

Pages 165
1860 list of pastor, preachers, exhort er, stewards, leaders broken down by locality.

Pages 166-210
Alphabetical list of members listing residence, time and mode of joining, class leader and remarks.

Pages 212-236
Additional membership list. Classes listing leader, when meets, members names, and remarks.

Pages 286-91
Centenary Society, membership list, n.d.