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Videotapes [subseries]:
MALAGA-"Senator Shelby Town Meeting Report, WKRG TV (V-492)
"AIDS: Everything you and your family need to know...but were afraid to ask" (V-511)
"Project Vote: Changing the Shape of American Politics" (V-512 V-513)
"Animation Creations #1" (V-514)
March on Washington News Coverage (V-515)
"AIDS-"Changing the Rules," hosted by Ron Reagan (V-516)
ABC and CBS Local News Coverage on AIDS Commission, Urvashi Vaid (V-517)
"The Names Project: The Home Movie" (V-518)
Kevin [Berrill] on the Geraldo Rivera Show (V-519)
Lambda Report #6 (V-520)
CBS Evening News, Blackstone-Skinheads (V-521)
Elections (V-522 V-523)
"Health Insurance and AIDS" (V-524)
Michigan Organization for Human Rights Lambda Report (V-525)
Jeff Levi at National Press Club (V-526)
Kennedy Confirmation Hearings on CNN (Cable News Network) a.m. and p.m. sessions, includes Molly Yard, Susan D. Ross, Joe Rauh, and Jeff Levi (V-527)
Elections, Presented by Gay Cable Network, NGTLF, Human Rights Campaign Fund (V-528)
"NGLTF Staff in Action," includes Jeff Levi Testimony before Senate Judiciary Hearings of Justice Renquist; Oprah Winfrey Show with Kevin [Berrill]; Phil Donahue Show with Kevin Berrill; Phil Donahue Show with Jeff Levi; Crossfire with Jeff [Levi] on Oklahoma Case; NBC News with Jeff [Levi] and Kris Gebbie (V-529)
ABC and CBS News Signs on Anti-Gay Violence [Beta] (V-530)
2 unlabeled Beta tapes of Local Washington, D.C. News Coverage of President Reagan at AmFAR AIDS Benefit and Conference (V-531 V-532)
Miscellaneous videotapes