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Maya-K'ice studies, mostly a linguistic comparison of Maya-K'ice forms with the respect.
96 large sheets. Includes: Archaic roots Mixe-Ayook (Balimar) p.1-8. Maya-K'ice studies: Sexual parts p.9-11; U1- atole, and related ideas p.12-13; Roots: Ac-aci, etc. p.14-23; Vocabulary from Steinen, Leipzig 1892 p.24-28; Roots: Kua, etc. p.29-49; Extracts from Steinen, Greenberg p.50-59; Extracts from the Motul Maya dictionary (ms, Peabody Museum, Harvard) p. 60-78; Extracts from "Brebe Noticia de 10s vocablos mas usuales de la lengua Kakchiquel," Peabody Museum ms. p.79-96.