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Additional, 1921-1942
This additional material includes printed matter, pamphlets and a book. The printed material deals with public works planning, land use, natural resource conservation, and land valuation. Also included are materials on tax delinquency, indebtedness, exemptions and single tax (1939-1941), and "Insured Mortgage Portfolio" (1942). The pamphlets deal with housing, land, tax labor, and economy. Included are "Apartment House Increases and Attitudes Toward Home Ownership" (1931), several different pamphlets on real estate taxes, "The Valuation of Vacant Land in Suburban Areas" (1931), "A Legislative Framework for the Philosophy of Henry George," The Tax Digest (1928, 1929), "The Single-Tax Complex" (1924), The Labor Situation in Great Britain (1940), The Agricultural Crisis and Its Causes (1921), The Journal of Political Economy (1924, 1926), and the Government Research Bulltein (1941). Included also was a book, National Institute of Public Administration