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Correspondence between AFL President Green and various officials of the Iron Workers' Local, Newark, New Jersey, and with President, International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers, re charges of racketeering, July-August 1932, 20 pages; memorandum from AFL legislative representative re anti-racketeering bill, November 12, 1934, 5 pages; letter to AFL President Green re anti-racketeer bill and suggested amendments, May 15, 1934; letter to AFL President Green from United Mine Workers official re anti-racketeering bill as threat to bona fide labor, April 21, 1934; "Report on Certain Aspects of Labor Union Responsibility and Control," prepared by a subcommittee of the Committee on Legislation of the City Club of New York City, June 8, 1937, 23 pages; "Analysis of ... Hobbs Bill" amending Anti-Racketeering ACt of 1934, by AFL General Council, recommending opposition, May 20, 1942, 4 pages; "Report on Trade Union Courier," 10 page report by AFL Executive Council re unethical practices of Trade Union Courier, c. 1948; letter from Editor of Trade Union Courier to AFL Vice-President Matthew Woll, praising and defending the paper, June 22, 1948, 8 pages; "In the Matter of ..." finding of New York State Labor Relations Board against sham labor union, outlines criteria for determining legitimacy of labor unions under law, July 16, 1959; "AFL-CIO Codes of Ethical Practices," printed booklet, February 1957; "Building Service Employees' International Union In the Bronx: A History of Corruption," 29 page report covering period from 1912-64 re Mafia control of local 32E; letter to AFL President Green, printed in Chicago Daily News, 1940 re corruption in local, with attached letter from CIO President John L. Lewis' secretary; three page manuscript, numbered 3-5, probably by Taft re extortion case Postma vs. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 1964; several from letters re AFL position on racketeering; notes. See also: Bakery and Confectionery Workers - Corruption, Box 3, File Folder 45. See also: Teamsters - Publications, Box 13, File Folder 3-5