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National Industrial Recovery Act
NRA press releases: (clarification of Section 7(a) of NIRA by President Roosevelt, October 19, 1933; statement by Roosevelt that industry must continue to comply with NIRA, March 25, 1935); opinion by Attorney General that non-union veterans are not "qualified", even if "technically qualified" for a job in a unionized workplace, since their presence would have an obstructive effect, and so must be given second preference in hiring to union non-veterans, October 30, 1933, 4 pages; memo from NRA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Policy to NRA Assistant Administrator for Policy, requesting that a definitive statement be obtained from the NRA Administrator re "the agreement which he is alleged to have reached with the Labor Advisory Board with respect to the appointment of employee representatives on Industrial Labor Boards," July 7, 1934; announcement by NRA of public hearing to revise NIRA codes to benefit labor, January 4, 1935; letter from AFL President Green to all members of Congress up for re-election, polling them on NRA, 1934; letters from President Green to President Roosevelt: (favoring extension of NRA, December 13, 1934; opposing extension of NRA as amended, May 3, 1935); letter from President Green to all U.S. Senators, opposing extension of NRA (Senate Finance Committee version), supporting Roosevelt version, May 6, 1935; form letters from President Green: (to affiliated unions, urging them to conduct organizing campaigns, with separate flyer of AFL letterhead quoting NIRA section 7(a), directed at unorganized workers, June 17, 1933; to aggiliated union, requesting representatives to special hearing by NRA re revising codes, January 14, 1935; to affiliated unions, enclosing statement of AFL Executive Council decrying Supreme Court invalidation of NRA, June 10, 1935, 7 pages; to all Special Organizers, asking to report specific cases of employer interference with workers' right to organize, to be brought before Senate hearing, September 15, 1936); minutes of special meeting of AFL Executive Council re wages, hours and unemployment since decision with lengthy opinion by AFL attorney, June 6, 1935, 20 pages; issues of AFL Weekly News Service, September 12, 1933 and July 6, 1935; "Confidential" draft of bill prepared for AFL, apparently revision of NRA, January 30, 1935, 22 pages; analysis by President Green of proposed Interstate Licensing Act, July 3, 1935, 13 pages; photocopy of journal article; notes