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Maritime - Seamen - General
"The East and West Coast Seamen's Unions," 9 page typescript with hand notation "Paid 5/17/52 Taft"; "The Unlicensed Seafaring Unions," by Philip Taft, reprinted from the ILR Review, Volume 3, Number 2, January 1950, 25 pages; "A Sick Industry" by an anonymous shipmaster re deleterious effects of union slow up aboard his ship, November 27, 1939, 5 pages; "Additional Data on the Maritime Labor Market," January 18, 1940, 29 pages with "Supplement to `The Maritime Industry and Employment Compensation,'" 7 pages; confidential report, "Sea-Going Personnel" prepared for Chairman of House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries," August 5, 1940, 13 pages; Shipping Survey, newsletter of Association of American Ship Owners: ("Wage Trends in the Maritime Industry," November 1951, Volume 7, Number 4; "Relative Earning Power of American Seamen," March 1952, Volume 8, Number 2, comparing earnings of licensed seamen with those of production workers such as textile mill laborers, to support claim that seamen are "virtually the top wage earners in America"); notes