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Maritime - Longshoremen - New York City/New York State Reports
Reports of the Mayor's Joint Committee on Port Industry: (by Subcommittee on Pier Rentals and Insurance, January 18, 1951, 7 pages; by Subcommittee on the Perishable Foods Industry, n.d., 8 pages; by Subcommittee on Availability of Waterfront Facilities For Stevedores or Terminal Operations, August 6, 1951, 9 pages; by Subcommittee #5 on Labor Conditions Affecting Waterfront Commerce, August 9, 1951, 39 pages; by one member of Subcommittee #5, on New York Shipping Association letterhead, September 10, 1951, 8 pages); Report by Chairman of New York State Board of Mediation to New York Governor Dewey re dispute between ILA (AFL), ILA (Independent) and New York Shipping Association, December 28, 1953, 15 pages plus 4 page appendix; "Interim Report on Current Work Stoppage," by Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, March 25, 1954, 12 pages plus 4 page appendix. See also: Racketeering - International Longshoremen's Association, Box 10, File Folder 9